London with kids: The best resources to plan your trip


London is huge. It’s made up of 32 boroughs and each has its own identity: from the hipster East in Hackney, to the touristy West End in the City of Westminster.

I really love this city. We’ve been in London plenty of times, but next time will be the first we are going with kids. That’s the reason why we are looking for best plans for visiting London with kids.

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CBDA – A splash of creativity and good taste for all ages

When you think that blogging is almost over, that the content in almost every blog is similar to others and that there is nothing fresh out there, CBDA comes to show us that it is not true, that there is always a new angle to look at things and that reinvention is possible.
We are completely in love with CBDA new design, but above all, we are impressed and delighted by the new angle Bea has given to the way we are used to see blogging.

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AVLIA playful furniture for kids room


We love play in all It’s shapes. That’s the main reason why we have fallen in love with AVLIA, a playful furniture for kids room collection designed by Nataša Njegovanović.  

Nataša was only a second year MA student of Industrial Design at the School of Design, Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb in Croatia when she created this playful collection. How much talent! 

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THIS IS HOW WE DO IT by Matt Lamothe


We have discovered a new book THIS IS HOW WE DO IT by Matt Lamothe. It has been released last month by Chronicle Books.

Mu hids have found amazing how other kids from different countries live their daily life. This is the perfect book for showing them the diversity of our planet.

Playing, eating, writing, learning, and helping out, is universal for children around the world—just with a few variations!

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