And finally August! It is time to enjoy with our family, and have a happy time all together.

These are our plans for this month. See you in September.

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All the best, CUTEANDKIDS team


Featured image @the_little_enepunts

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INSTAGRAM HOMES: @maria_novalquilez

Sometimes after discovering someone in Instagram  you can feel that somehow, if one day time and space  coincide, you can become friends.

And I know, it sounds weird, but when I contacted María for this article, I felt again that a fantastic and very special person was living in the other side of the email.  Hunch or not, what it is really clear is that @maria_novalquilez’s home is from another world, the good taste one. If you want to discover it, come and see.

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BELLE CHIARA FW17/18 the most beautiful kids’ shoes


BELLE CHIARA is a Spanish brand that started designing shoes and little by little complete every collection with fashion designs. Today we have the pleasure to introduce BELLE CHIARA FW17/18 shoes collection.

We still remember the moment when we discovered BELLE CHIARA four years ago. We felt that excitement you feel when you spot a brand that you know will be a success. That was before they launched their fashion collection.

Now BELLE CHIARA is a couture house for children and Julia González is the creative director of the brand. The name of the brand comes from the fusion of two of the creative director great passions, her daughter Clara and beauty”.

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Town and Concrete: architecture from a children’s mind

When children start drawing, everything seems possible for them. Until an adult says this is not ok, the skies are pink, the trees have the shape of a square or the houses are made of balloons, fruits or geometric shapes.

I am sure that Cyril Lancelin had a happy chilhood and nobody told him: this is not ok!. At least his work is here to show us that everything, absolutely everything, is possible if you can imagine it (and you have the knowledge and the know-how) Read more

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How kids describe love looks, feel and sounds like

ut is one of my favorites storytelling channels. This platform have 4 different brands: CUT, HIHO, THIS MATTERS and 100 YEARS OF BEAUTY.

HIHO is the kid-specific channel, a Youtube channel made with kids, for kids which promotes empathy through play. One of the more popular themed videos is of children trying food from around the world. “American Kids Try Ethiopian Food has been their most engaging video to date.

My favorite episode of the “American Kids Try” series at HiHo, is the one has been made by illustrator Koji Minami drawing  how kids describe love, how they imagine love looks, feels and sounds like.

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