We believe in creative, adventurous kids.

Kids of all ages.


Turning into parents haven’t changed so much the way we enjoy life. Or yes!

We continue traveling, enjoying art, going out for dinner. But we are not a group of 2 any more, or at least not the majority of the time. Now, we are a family.

Children have shown us that life can be enjoyed from a point of view we haven’t discovered yet.

We are willing to explore it and take you on board. Are you coming with us?

Little Ara from Cute and Kids

Ara, 43. Mum, blogger and a very passionately curious woman.

Hi! I´m Ara from Spain, mum of two and content curator of CUTE & KIDS and LILANDCLOE.

I love travelling. I want to taught my daughters things that make them grow as better persons, always towards the same target: their happiness.

Here I will share my personal vision of the kids universe.

Thanks for joining us.

“I have no special talents, I’m only passionately curious.”
(A. Einstein)

Little Conchi from Cute and Kids

Conchi, 41. Explorer, amateur photographer and in constantly search for new things to learn.

Hi! I’m Conchi, the happy mum of two boys, always looking for the bright side of life.

Traveling is my passion. Discovering new places, meeting people with different ways to approach life is for me the best way to enjoy life.

I want my kids to grow aware of everything around them, open to other people, to other ways of understanding the world. Adventurers, explorers, happy little boys.

I have been living in different countries around the world, but Finland and Denmark are the last of them.

As editor of Cute&Kids I share all the beautiful things I come across.

Little David from Cute and Kids

David, 43. Architect, designer and Warhol fan. Always ready for getting involved in new projects.

Hi! I’m David, dad of two beautiful girls. I am co-founder architect at SP25 ARQUITECTURA and also involved in ESTUDI KRAFT, a project my wife and I started to share our architectural knowledge with children.

Thanks to my daughters, I am continuously discovering an amazing world of design, fashion, art and architecture at their kids scale. A world I had never imagined before.

Let me share it with you!

Our Fantastic Contributors:

Katia, 40. Mum of Mia and Ferruccio. Always on the hunt for new cool things to share,…, so stay tuned!

Hi, my name is Katia Gamberini. I am Italian and in 2013 I started as a distraction Tata Kids Design, a blog inspired by my daily life and the ever-changing design.

I like sharing cool things and creative ideas of style, fashion, photography, … , anything related to the unconventional, multifaceted and kaleidoscopic world of children!