To let or not to let your kids use devices & Apps, that is the question


Last week I read an interesting article about don’t  letting our kids to use Apps. It was written by Mark Wilson, senior writer at Fast Company. And I liked it, it made me think.

My eldest wants to have her own mobile phone and to be in Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, and another trendy social media Apps, and of course she wants to be in Whats up.

And what I think about it?

Is Social Media so bad for them? Or we just let them use it?

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Are there aliens? BEAKUS knows it.

Are there aliens? Beakus knows it

Life began on the Earth around 3.5 billion years ago. Has the same thing happened somewhere else in the universe? On an icy moon? On a planet in the Goldilocks zone of a distant star? Imagine if hypothetical aliens were looking for signs of life in our solar system. How might they investigate us from so far away? BEAKUS knows how to explain it. Read more

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Leo Nar Do paints + How to talk to children about modern art


What do you think about this piece of art? Do you like it? I love it. I am very impressed by this talented artist.

I am an art lover. Last February I visited for the first time ARCOmadrid 2018, the International Contemporary Art Fair focus on the latest artistic trends. It was a pleasure to walk through all the incredible art galleries,  a very interesting selection of contemporary art made by the best art-galleries in the world.

I enjoyed it a lot, specially Juan Genoves works, and the sculptural ensemble titled Aleppo by Francisco Leiro. It was one of the most incredible personal experiences in my whole life.

And at the end of that day I discovered Leo Nar Do paints.

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Carpeted landscapes: Art and Environment

I really like when art needs people interaction to be completed. When you can touch it, feel it and be part of the artwork.

If at the same time it raises awareness and has environmental conscience, I become an immediate fan.

This is what the Argentinian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou  looks for when creating her carpeted landscapes: bring nature to the people, so they can enjoy the experience and remember how important is to protect and preserve our environment

Her last project: Santa Cruz river is a carpet representing the Patagonian landscape. Through it, she tries to raise her voice about an imminent environmental catastrophe: the building of two dams in the last glaciar river connecting Patagonia with the Atlantic ocean.

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THE PRESENT – A short film that will make you smile

Today I want to share a short film that will touch you, that will make you think and smile.

I saw it in a flight,  it was shared in the plain tv while I was falling asleep and I found it so inpiring, that I have to show it here.

4 minutes that remind us that it is possible to achive what we dream in life, if we really start doing something about it. It could be difficult, seem almost impossible, but if you try, if you push yourself, you will be able to do it.

And of course, that we have to live every minute of our life. Enjoy it and not hide from it. As one of my friends would say, #joiedevivre .

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