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I got curious about this project just after discovering their first pic on Instagram. Although I am not very scientific, as Conchi is, I find science very atractive and I try to learn as much as I understand (science was never my major) to be able to share it with my kids.

Today I want to share a fantastic project that just have started: a platform where little and grownups can learn about science in a funny and easy way and with the best content: ERESCIENCIA. 

I am an oldie in the 2.0 world. After 12 years browsing the internet, not so many new projects are able to surprise and atract me. Sometimes I feel that everything is already out there or there is only a commercial background underneath. This is not the case.  

Behind ERESCIENCIA (you are Science) we can find Maite Pérez Cidoncha, a bio chemist and virologist devoted to investigation for 13 years. Already as a little girl, she was fascinated by nature, science and story telling. 

ERESCIENCIA was born trying to mix all her interests and mainly, as a way to bring closer science to real people. From her point of view, scientific papers and dissemination are targeted to the scientific forum and not to the whole population. 

Science is fascinating and surprising and you belive it or not, it affects all. It is an intrisinc part of what we are and surrounds us in our daily life.

This is why her favorite target are women of all ages, as in the past the discipline seemed to be associated only to men. But the truth is that is opened to everyone: inquisitive people, eager to learn and understand. Women and men that want to approach science with their kids but they do not know how to do it.

ERESCIENCIA is an educational scientific project oriented to grownups:  BIG INQUISITORS and children: LITTLE SCIENTIST. 

In the web you will find a blog, full of interesting articles, a webshop, e-books and all her experince in the form of workshops, talks and personalised online support oriented to families. 

The web is in Spanish, but Google translator is always there to help. On top, Maite is Spanish but she is living and working in London, so you can always contact her if you are interested.

Is your child a dinosaur fanatic? Does your little girl love astronomy? Are you trying to foster such interest but you do not know how to do it? Do you want to introduce them the amazing world of science but you do not know where to start? In the online sessions, Maite will assess you, offering all kind of resources focus in your children needs.

Maite is also developing content for the little ones: experiments, videos and lots of fun facts.

And now that Chrismas is behind the corner,  you will be able to find the coolest toy selection, books, activities and funny plans that will develop a scientific thinking and a critical mind in your little ones , two basic abilities for the adults of tomorrow. 

This is one of the products you can find in her WEB-SHOP. 

With sections like #recomendacionesdelosviernes (#Friday recommendations), very interesting articles that help us understand something so extended as lactose intolerance,  or why leaves are green. Every month Maite talks about women scientists that have broaden human knowledge. 

BOTANICUM is one of the books that you can find in the SHOP of ERESCIENCIA

She has also developed some EXPERIMENT GUIDANCE e-books, with 10 experiments that can be done at home, easy to follow and understand and some suggestions for continuing exploring. 

With every experiment we learn something new and understand better the world that surrounds us. But also they make us go beyond the WOW! moment, and we end asking ourselves about the meaning and reason of what we are experiencing

There are 2 guides published:  SCIENCE IN THE KITCHEN and EXPERIMENTS GUIDE: AUTUMN. 

From CUTEANDKIDS we want to invite you to bring science to the little ones, to explore with them and understand everything that surrounds us from a more scientific point of view.

Let’s go and dress a lab coat! And do not forget the safety glassess!

Maite, welcome to the 2.0. At home love all your NEWSLETTERS !

I do not know if I will be able to “infuse” the science virus to my little girls, but at least they will be able to understand a little bit better the complex world we live in. 

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And if we can make a suggestion, we would love to see ERESCIENCIA  also in English 😉

All images are from ERESCIENCIA

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The Power of YET

This school year my boy has discovered a new superpower: “The power of yet” and his learning experience is changing so much that I have to share it with you.

If you are a teacher and you do not know this approach to teach YET,  you are going to like it, if you are a parent, you are going to like it much more.

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I am sure you have heard this before -(please read it on a solemn tone)-: “Our kids will work in the future making jobs that don’t exist yet”.

This is the reason why I am always looking for new  and funny ways to prepare my kids for a future job market, giving them means to develop the necessary skills to adapt to it. CIRCUIT PLAYGROUND playlist by ADAFRUIT is one of the best ways for teaching kids about electronics and introducing them to the technical terms.

When someone asks what I would like my kids to be in the future, I always have the same answer: Happy people. I want them to have the necessary skills to work on what they will be passionate about.

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You know that around here we are always looking to approach our interests and inquisitiveness to our little ones. We do not believe in a world for kids, but in kids living the same world as we do and enjoying it.

I recently read an article with declarations from actress Reese Witherspoon where she states that the media world, and maybe the world in general, does not understand the full spectrum of the female experience.

If I have to define myself, I do not want to use mum as my first and only attribute, and this is definitively  how I want my children to perceive it.  I am an engineer, a traveler, a curious person, a photography addict, a continuous learner, a mum, and many other things that define myself at the same level, without having to choose only one or categorising one in front of the other.

We do not believe in tags: “mum’s blogs, kid’s content“, but in opening our mind to everything that can interest us and fulfill our needs to learn. As Reese says: “Women want real substance and premium thought-provoking, well-made content” . I will add that men and children need that too. No genders, race or age involved in such predicament.

This is why I want to introduce you Rion Nakaya, a design director, video producer and lifelong learner who loves storytelling, sustainable tech, well-designed spaces, and wandering the halls of small science museums. She is mum of 2 kids and founder of TKSST (The Kid Should See This) a video blog with content that children love, but that it has not been developed with them in mind. You are going to love it!

Come and see.

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Are there aliens? BEAKUS knows it.

Are there aliens? Beakus knows it

Life began on the Earth around 3.5 billion years ago. Has the same thing happened somewhere else in the universe? On an icy moon? On a planet in the Goldilocks zone of a distant star? Imagine if hypothetical aliens were looking for signs of life in our solar system. How might they investigate us from so far away? BEAKUS knows how to explain it. Read more

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