Leo Nar Do paints + How to talk to children about modern art


What do you think about this piece of art? Do you like it? I love it. I am very impressed by this talented artist.

I am an art lover. Last February I visited for the first time ARCOmadrid 2018, the International Contemporary Art Fair focus on the latest artistic trends. It was a pleasure to walk through all the incredible art galleries,  a very interesting selection of contemporary art made by the best art-galleries in the world.

I enjoyed it a lot, specially Juan Genoves works, and the sculptural ensemble titled Aleppo by Francisco Leiro. It was one of the most incredible personal experiences in my whole life.

And at the end of that day I discovered Leo Nar Do paints.

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Carpeted landscapes: Art and Environment

I really like when art needs people interaction to be completed. When you can touch it, feel it and be part of the artwork.

If at the same time it raises awareness and has environmental conscience, I become an immediate fan.

This is what the Argentinian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou  looks for when creating her carpeted landscapes: bring nature to the people, so they can enjoy the experience and remember how important is to protect and preserve our environment

Her last project: Santa Cruz river is a carpet representing the Patagonian landscape. Through it, she tries to raise her voice about an imminent environmental catastrophe: the building of two dams in the last glaciar river connecting Patagonia with the Atlantic ocean.

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PLEASE TOUCH, an art exhibition by Kristine Mandsberg

I do not know how I came accross Kristine Mandsberg, maybe instagram, a deco magazine or one of her pieces of work in the middle of Copenhagen. What I know is that I love the way she perceives the world and transforms it into art.

After designing for HAY, IKEA or Ferm Living among other many brands, she has an exhibition ongoing in Officinet (Copenhagen) that soon will be shown at CIFF kids Fair. If you are around, do not miss ot!


What I like the most of Kristine Mandsberg’s work is the way she plays with color, shapes, dimensions and perspectives. Maybe it sounds funny, but her work makes me happy.

One of her last works was a wall decoration in the center of the city, covering the metro construction. She created a pattern using not only colors and shapes, but 164 panels that brough 3D perspective to the decoration. That way the illustration changed according to the position and the angle the pedestrian was looking at it. She filled Copenhagen grey’s day with playfulness and joy.

In her new exhibition, Please touch, the audience is encourage to feel and touch the art pices, to move them around, making the exhibition become alive, evolving and changing.

Every person will feel it in a different way, according to what they touch and move, their height or if they enjoy it stand up or at ground level.

I really think that this is the perfect exhibition for everyone, but specially for children. A perfect way to approach them to art.

Go to Please Touch and tell us your experience. We would love to know how and what you feel about it.


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Beautiful natural history illustrations by KELZUKI


If you liked our post: Give art for kids this Christmas, I am sure you will enjoy with these beautiful natural history illustrations created by Kelsey Oseid, aka KELZUKI.

Most children love animals, and most of us feel a special attraction for whales, that is the reason why CETACEA is my favorite KELZUKIS’ s poster serie.

Give your kids beautiful natural history illustrations this Christmas. Give Animal Kingdom.

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Give Art for kids this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, my kids are already marking presents in every leaflet or pamphlet they come across. The list is so big that if Santa will grant them all their wishes, we will have to move to a new home.

Since they were little, I have been trying to convince aunts and grandparents that there is life beyond the toys advertised on tv or available in big supermarkets. It is not always easy, but it is bullet proof that wooden toys are better companions than plastic ones requiring batteries. The plastic toys are maybe the first ones to be opened, but are easily forgotten, while simple wooden toys have so many lives that today are part of a tower and tomorrow the fort where the cowboys are partying with the indians.

This year I am trying something new and much more adventurous: give art for kids this Christmas. Read more

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