Muhammed Najem


Our kids are very lucky. They are growing up full of love and in a secure social environment.

We try to teach them everyday how lucky  we are and to show them that other kids are living a different life than them. A life where there are wars, poverty and serious difficulties to keep them alive.

For us, it is difficult to imagine that situation. We live in a HOME, we can have a shower every day, we have three main meals every day, and the best that life can offer.

Discovering Muhammed’s Najem story has been like opening a big window to other reality. Close to us. A story told by a teenager boy, not an adult.

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Hugg Bed by Bababou – from birth and beyond

My children are far from being babies now,  but I cannot resist to beautiful furniture. I saw a picture of the Hugg Bed in instagram and it was love at first sight.

Then I realise how much I share the company vision and their approach to family life, so I feel the need to share it with everyone that it is becoming a parent soon or potentially will be in the future.

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Happy mum of two boys, always looking for the bright side of life.

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