A brightly puzzle house in Copenhagen

puzzle house in copenhagen seen in cuteandkids

Architects Bjarke Ingels and Simon Frommenwiler have teamed up to create this puzzle house, a brightly hued house that can be taken apart and rebuilt, for 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen.

puzzle house in copenhagen seen in cuteandkids

Puzzle House is situated in the back garden of Copenhagen’s Swiss embassy, a regular participating venue in 3 Days of Design and organisers of Architecture in Residence – a programme that aims to strengthen connections between Danish and Swiss architects.

The installation was designed by Ingels, founder of Danish firm BIG, and Frommenwiler, head of Basel-based practice HHF, to foster social interaction.

puzzle house in copenhagen seen in cuteandkids

The structure comprises pink, red and fuchsia coloured geometric blocks that, when slotted together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, form a small gabled house.

Each block is weighted so that they require more than one person to carry them, which the architects hope will encourage visitors to talk and work collaboratively to assemble the building.

Small groups can climb up and sit on the blocks when they are kept separate, or they can be aligned to create amphitheatre-style seating for large-scale events and talks.

puzzle house in copenhagen seen in cuteandkids

3 Days of Design is held annually in Copenhagen, showcasing the best of Danish design.

Photography by Kaspar Würgler, via Dezeen.

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Projects with soul: TIC TAC by PLAYOFFICE


PLAYOFFICE is a full-service architecture and design studio specialized in children environment, from domestic scale up to public spaces.

They describe their job like this: PLAYOFFICE design spaces and things for kids that encourage creativity, emotional intelligence, physicomotor habilities and cohabitation.

I think they have forgotten the most important one: PLAYOFFICE give a soul to the spaces they take part in.

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