Feel like a squirrel with UNARCHITECTE’s new maze

unarchitecte climbing net maze

A forest is a great place to unite with nature and fully enjoy it. What if a forest could be an endless maze of climbing nets?

Well, you can go to mountLuofu, located in theGuandunprovinceof China, andjusttryitout. ChinesearchitecturalpracticeUNARCHITECTEdesigned a 5000 sqm climbingpark in the mountain’s forest forthe local school, yetavailableforallthevisitors, evenadultones. Read more

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I am a city girl, or this is what I always thought before moving to the Nordic countries.

Living here, I discovered that you can live in a charming village surrounded by nature and being in the city in less than an hour. No traffic jams, no stress, just few neighbours that soon become friends and all the enjoyment of the city life only a few kilometers away.

I suppose that this is what @nintanh and her family thought when they moved from Helsinki to the beautiful Porvoo, a picturesque village filled with wooden red houses, charming restaurants and beautiful shops.

The house we show you today is their second home in the village, an old sky factory that she renovated from scratch. The change is so amazing that you would like to move there right away.

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