Kelly Tan LovePaperPlane, visual poetry

I am kind of sure that you have seen this picture before. You have thought that it was amazing and it is even possible that you have shared it with your friends in social media.

Ok, It’ s time to meet the person behind the camera. Today we are proud to introduce you to Kelly Tan, the talented photographer and digital artist behind these piece of art, created just with her iPhone and lots of creativity.

This photography has been named “I HAVE A DREAM”. We can also dream with Kelly Tan art, so-inspiring to see! Visual poetry.

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Penguin the magpie, a beautiful love story

Penguin the magpie is a beautiful love story between a magpie, (a t typical australian bird known for its beautiful songs) and a family. A story I have been touched especially by.

Cameron Bloom is a photographer, husband and father of three boys based on Sydney’s Northern beaches. When his youngest son, Noah, found a baby magpie who had fallen from the nest one afternoon outside his Grandma’s house, no one could have predicted the impact it would have on the Bloom family. Read more

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Numero 74 factory in Thailand by Sophia Jansson

Numero 74 is a world-wide known brand of homeware, toys, clothing and vintage furniture for children founded by Poupy Sfez and Nancy Fanton in early 2009.

Recently I found an awesome,  inspiring photo essay of the manufacturing process of their textile collection, made in Chiang Mai -Thailand. Photographs, made by the talented photographer Sophia Jannson aka Sophia Mokkasin, left me speechless. Discover the numero 74 factory in Thailand through Sophia Jansson magical photos.
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A creative father taking photographs: Toyokazu Nagano

I love photography, because with the past of the years, it becomes a important part of my memory history. Family portraits are a good way to keep snapshots of our everyday life.

I’m a proud father of two little girls and when I try to remember when my kids were younger, the first images that come to my mind are those who has been immortalized in photographs. Through them, I can even smell and feel  the same that in those happy moments.

This is one of the reasons I am always looking for creative parents taking pictures of their kids. They inspire me but also made me laugh and smile at the same time. Recently I run into the Japanese photographer Toyokazu Nagano, who takes cute photos of his daughter Kanna.

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Where children sleep by James Mollison

Where children sleep is a powerful photo series made by James Mollison, a great photographer born in Kenya and grew up in England. Mollison traveled around the world making visual stories of diverse children, capturing the differences between the lifestyle of kids from different countries, told through portraits and pictures of their bedrooms.
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