Instant comfort pocket boxes – Bright your kids day!


Everyone needs to feel protected and loved, specially the kids, at least mine. I am a mom of two little girls, and they are always looking for  cuddless from mum, dad or whoever they have around, specialy the little one.

And I try to give ans show all my love through hugs, cuddless, knowing looks, winks, cooking for them their favorite meal, or simply listening to them -really paying to what they say and do … and now I have found a new way to show them my love for them: the instant comfort pocket boxes.

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5 creative ways to build a story with children

This weekend was raining non stop. We planned visits to the Supermarket and to a near Science Museum, but many other parents planned the same and we felt stuck and bored.

This morning I decided to plan ahead for the next “boring” weekend. Boredom is needed and sometimes it is the first step to unveiled creativity, but it is better if you have a threat to follow, an idea to plant in your children minds. So, here my 5 ideas to build a fantastic and creative story with your children. Read more

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