MINI WONDERS, Czech Toys Past and Present

Mini Wonders - Czech Toys Past and Present

From Fatra to Merkur, Czech toys have a long and successful history both in their homeland and abroad. The early 20th century saw their story begin, and it has been intensively explored and developed since then. Drawing attention to unique Czech craftmanship, the MINI WONDERS exhibition presents modern toy design as well as designs dating back almost a hundred years. Read more

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MODU- Imagine, Build and Play

Everybody knows that children love building blocks. Also it is more that proven that this type of game develops not only their fine motor skills, but also their imagination. A favourite in every family! 

What if I tell you that children can now imagine their new toys, build them at their own size and then play with them? Toys that can not only move, but transport them wherever they want to go.

Yes, it is true. Let me introduce you to MODU TOYS.

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Guess who is who was one of my favorite games when I was little. I spent hours trying to guess the character the other player had chosen.

Is it a boy or a girl? Has he blue eyes? Is she wearing a hat?

This easy diy will take it back for you and your children. Do you want to try?

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best books about outdoor activities with kids + a game

I remember my chilhood days, always running outside with my friends. Our legs and later, our bicycles, were our best adventure friends. Nowadays we live in a city and my kids are rising without contact with Nature. This is the reason why I began the search for the best books about outdoor activities with kids.

I have made a selection, some of them are in English and other in Spanish, but we hope the language will not be a problem, because nature speaks a unique language, the language of freedom. 

We wish these books help our family to get back outside. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure this spring or summer, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this post.

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5 creative ways to build a story with children

This weekend was raining non stop. We planned visits to the Supermarket and to a near Science Museum, but many other parents planned the same and we felt stuck and bored.

This morning I decided to plan ahead for the next “boring” weekend. Boredom is needed and sometimes it is the first step to unveiled creativity, but it is better if you have a threat to follow, an idea to plant in your children minds. So, here my 5 ideas to build a fantastic and creative story with your children. Read more

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