The Benjamin brush, a kids musical toothbrush


As a mother I know how difficult is to get kids to brush properly.

It is nothing new, I think that parents everywhere have experienced the battle. Looking for resources to get my kids more excited about brushing their teeth and encourage them good brushing habits, I have found this musical toothbrush. Let me introduce you the Benjamin brush.

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CINKSHOP kids bamboo dinnerware


In the new millennium, being a resident of planet Earth means you have more responsibility than ever taking care of your home. We firmly believe that we must preserve our planet. It is up to us to do our part and move to a more sustainable lifestyle.

This is the reason why I am looking for sustainable products to replace plastic, like this stylish kids’ bamboo dinnerware set, designed by CINK, a new Swedish brand launched in Summer 2017.

A sunny Autumn day in the South of Sweden three mums joined on a child-free weekend. A bottle of wine (or maby more than one) and a lot of bubbling minds full of ideas. Two entrepreneur- moms and one frustrated don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-life-mum and the idea of CINK was born! Read more

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Beautiful natural history illustrations by KELZUKI


If you liked our post: Give art for kids this Christmas, I am sure you will enjoy with these beautiful natural history illustrations created by Kelsey Oseid, aka KELZUKI.

Most children love animals, and most of us feel a special attraction for whales, that is the reason why CETACEA is my favorite KELZUKIS’ s poster serie.

Give your kids beautiful natural history illustrations this Christmas. Give Animal Kingdom.

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Handmade tiny clothes for dolls by Les Zigouis


Two weeks ago surfing in Instagram, I discovered these handmade tiny clothes for dolls made by LES ZIGOUIS and I immediately got crazy about them. It was love at first sight!.

I love the retro French style and handicraft touch that Barbara Berrada (the creative director) gives to all her designs.  I already was a huge fan of LES ZIGOUIS clothes, and now I am also a huge fan of the handmade tiny clothes from this dolls’ collection.

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Give Art for kids this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, my kids are already marking presents in every leaflet or pamphlet they come across. The list is so big that if Santa will grant them all their wishes, we will have to move to a new home.

Since they were little, I have been trying to convince aunts and grandparents that there is life beyond the toys advertised on tv or available in big supermarkets. It is not always easy, but it is bullet proof that wooden toys are better companions than plastic ones requiring batteries. The plastic toys are maybe the first ones to be opened, but are easily forgotten, while simple wooden toys have so many lives that today are part of a tower and tomorrow the fort where the cowboys are partying with the indians.

This year I am trying something new and much more adventurous: give art for kids this Christmas. Read more

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Elegant HALLOWEEN themed party by The Milkshake Room

Are you looking for party goods for a Halloween-themed party? We are sure that The Milkshake Room is the answer for all your prayers!

You can get all the best Halloween-themed party supplies at their online shop. Everything has that elegant touch that will turn every party into something memorable for you and your lovely ones.

The Milkshake Room gets that a HALLOWEEN-themed party can be elegant and cute and at the same time spooky and frightening!

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