SHARENTING Do you know what it means?

SHARENTING (or oversharenting) is the overuse of social media by parents to share content based on their kids.

Are you a SHARENT? A sharent is a parent (mom or dad) with a smartphone. Probably you.

Social media has only been around for about a decade or so, and us, parents, have been learning about social media at the same time that we have been sharing things about our kids.

These days there is an ongoing debate as how parents can balance their right to share , with their kids’ interest in privacy.What do you think about it?

I think that social media is so young that we have been learning about it simply by doing, without a manual or previous studies and experiences.

Many parent do it in a natural way, they feel impulsed to document and share information about their kids, because they are very happy and proud about them.

And nobody considers that when they will grew older, the kids could be embarrased by what was shared by their parents long time ago.

Sharing our daily life as parents to the general public has become a social «standard» but we must be awared that oversharing may pose a risk to the safety and privacy of our kids.

By the time children will be old enough to use social media themselves, many of them will have already a digital identity created for them by their parents.

Sarah J. Clark M.P.H. associate director of the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital Nation Poll

Have you thought about it?

Instagram photos, YouTube videos sit on servers owned by corporations and are visible to anyone.

Everything on the Internet will be there forever.

When I began with my social media activity almost ten years ago, I decided to keep my girls away from public exposure. Now I am very happy to have made that well considered decision.

When we were young it was very usual to be naked on the beach.One day my mother took a picture of us and put it in the living room. The photo was beautiful and possibly today she would have uploaded it to social media, or not. I can remember how every time someone came to visit us, my brother run to cover the picture feeling ashamed.

Experts say that SHARENTING can actually be dangerous for children, ven years after the photos and information are posted online. There are benefits but there are also potential harms that are unrecognized by many parents. Harms may include identity theft, resharing pirated information on predator sites, sharing psychosocial information that should remain private, and sharing revealing or embarrassing information that may be misused by others.

Are you a sharent? Do you regret oversharing your kids in a blog, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE or any other social media?

If you could start over, would you overshare your kids like this again?

Everyone is free to make the decision that they consider appropriate. But it must be a conscious decision.

Think about their future. Have you think about their digital footprint?