ANONYMOUSE – Or a Mouse town in Malmö

I love INSTAGRAM. At the beginning I used it to follow people I already knew, but then, it became a place to be inspired, to discover places where to eat or shop or even to meet new friends.

One of my last discoveries are these tiny shops in Malmö, Sweden. And I do not call them tiny due to their size, that in fact it is, but also for the type of customers that I suppose they have.

#Anonymouse, that as you may suppose it is an unknown supporter of mouse’s lifestyle, has opened 2 small shops in Bergsgatan, Malmö.

Mouses can found delicious nuts and cheeses in this marvellous alley. They even can read about the latest news in the music and art scene in the city.

This lovely street is full of details. Little bikes, messages in trashcans, picnic blankets and much more.

It seems that #anonymouse is planning to open other venues in the city next year. Maybe they will invite Mickey Mouse or Super Ratón for the opening.

We’ll keep you posted.

More info in their ig account: @anonymouse_mmx or following the hagstags: #anonymouse or #bergsgatan

Discovered thanks to @martamydearjohn

[This post was published for the first time on December, 13th 2016]

“Mouse city” has grown sisnce then. Now they have an amusement park, a hotel, a gas station and many other establishments. If you visit Malmö, do not miss all the spots.