BORN TO BE EXTRAORDINARY .-Supporting Premature Babies

I spent most of my last pregnancy laying in bed. My baby was eager to see the world and we were known visitors in the Emergency Room, trying to convince him that patience is a virtue and that he had plenty of time to enjoy life. We were lucky and at the end, we almost had to encourage him as he was born 10 days after his due date.

Unfortunately, not every baby can spend all the time needed in his mum’s belly. In Spain,  every year 7,5% of babies are born premature, this means 28.000 babies in need of special care and treatments in order to survive.

What if I tell you that there is a way to help them during those tough months when they are fighting to survive? Do you want to help?

CONTIGO COMO EN CASA (Like at home with you) is a campaign created by Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona for the creation of a Advanced Neonatal service. In such center, the families of premature babies will have a  room for their exclusive use with all the equipment, advice and support required during the weeks or months they have to spend in the hospital. They will be able to “feel at home” while they learn and help with the needs and peculiarities of the new member of the family.

This project is based in plenty of studies that proof that including families from the very beginning in the care of the newborns, together with skin to skin contact (the Kangaroo method) are esencial to improve the development of a premature baby and reduce the future consequences.

A center like this will help children like Álvaro, born with 25 weeks of pregnancy and only 650 g of weight, or Bárbara also born at 25 weeks, that today is a 2 years old girl, as full of energy as she was born, a little big figther.

Vall d’Hebron needs 880.000 € to make it real. They are counting with big sponsors like institutions, companies or private investors, but they also count on us, because many smalls contributions can become something big. If you want to participate, just visit CONTIGOCOMOENCASA.COM

Among the many options of contribution, you can purchase clothes and accessories specifically designed by Uttopy for the campaign . T-shirts as a tribute to every child, but specially to all those born before their time, to the little brave warriors, born to be extraordinary.

Between 25-15% of their price will go to Vall d’Hebron Hospital.

Would you help so more children can be born in a place that can be called home?

Álvaro, Barbara and many others will thank you. We will thank you too.