Breaking news! Katia Gamberini joins us!

We have found a treasure! We have found a great treasure hunter and we have asked her to join us in Cuteandkids. And her answer has been a great “YES”. So, welcome Katia Gamberini!

katia gamberini joins cuteandkids

For a long time, every day we were delighted with the discoveries that Katia shares in social networks. She is in front of Ta.Ta. Unconventional Design for Kids and we love her incredible  ability to discover new children related objects.

katia gamberini joins cuteandkids

On her own words, Ta.Ta. Unconventional Design for Kids wants to be a creative jar, a project starting from design which aims to expand into other areas, in order to explore the unconventional, multi-faceted and kaleidoscopic world of children.

katia gamberini joins cuteandkids

And finally we dared to ask the question: Katia, would you like to join Cuteandkids’ team? You know the answer.

Welcome on board, Katia!