March is here! It’s time to go outside, to show your knees and return to nature.

DECO| The perfect basket to hide their toys! 

COSTUME| A lovely DIY clown costume by Mermag

BABIES|  Your baby will fell in love with this small Bear Plush by The Woodland Tale

RECIPE| Have a look at this completely edible Kitchen-themed cookies by Sheknows!

FASHION|  ZARA SNOOPY collection for girls! A must!

KIDS| Super lovely old French promotional blotters from the 1960s, Present and Correct  has the full alphabet to choose from!

TEENS| Brooches and Patches to customize their apparel.

TECH| A beautiful PHONE CASE to keep safe your smartphone

INSPIRATION| A wooden lovely carrying stool, which smiles at all times!

FOR ADVENTUROUS KIDS| If you go to Madrid, and you like climbing don’t miss It!

FOR CURIOUS KIDS | A Doodle Box, A portable storage unit designed to accommodate children’s interest in learning, drawing and creating. By IoKidsDesign

TRAVEL| If you go to Brooklyn, you need a map with addresses both kid and adult friendly

ART| Your Kid, the Artist! Preserve your kids’ art!! Made in Montreal, each solution is a unique piece customized and inspired by the artwork of your child. by Tuta & Coco

REMEMBER| There are  kids that are living  in or around the different conflict regions of the Globe!

MAGAZINE| DOOLITTLE MAGAZINE the ultimate guide. Biannual, don’t miss It!

BOOK| This book has won the BOLOGNA RAGAZZI AWARD. We love Oliver Jeffers!

Best regards, CUTEANDKIDS team

Beautiful featured image by  @dollyandfife