PLAYin CHOC organic chocolates + toy


Do yo remember the excitement and joy you felt as a child when your parents bought you a chocolate with a small toy? If you love chocolate, if you love surprises and if you think that sweet does not have to mean unhealthy, you will be amazed by PLAYin CHOC.

I have read about the benefits of cocoa, I also know the nasty health effects of refined sugar. To get only the best p art of chocolate, PLAYin CHOC started experimenting with chocolate recipes at home using only the highest quality organic ingredients, and NO refined sugars.


PLAYin CHOC is vegan, organic, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, no refined sugar and made out of just 3 natural ingredients: cocoa beans, coconut and vanilla.

Toys and chocolate, what else? They support UNICEF and WWF NGO’s from every product sold.

With a background working in design and teaching, after a Masters degree in Scenography at Central St Martins, Maya Simler, the CEO gave herself a challenge of designing a playful, fun, educational and eco conscious toy.

Each box contains healthier chocolate and a self-assembly toy that helps children learn about the planet through play. Because Maya is worried about the world we will be leaving to our kids, PLAY in CHOC only uses 100% recycled biodegradable card for packaging and toy.



When trying out my recipe with family and friends it turned out that the parents enjoyed it as much as their kids, so I decided to offer ‘a grown-up version’, the same delicious chocolate without the toy (sorry grown-ups – you get more chocs inside!) .- Maya Simler


And what about PLAYin CHOC philosophy? JOY + HEALTH + PLANETThese three words are at the forefront of their thinking. How they enjoy life and what they can do to get the most out of it, what they put in our bodies and how it makes them feel, and what they can do to protect and preserve this place we inhabit and share with the natural world. Great! 


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