And the last month of the year is here!

December is not only the last but also the craziest: full of parties, celebrations, Christmas performances and fun, but also plenty of chores, lists and things to do.

Let’s wind down and focus in what it is most important: our family and friends!

Enjoy our last list of favorite things for this year:

DECO| The beautiful “Pear Chair” from Tiretta living. Summer in the middle of the Winter.

MAGIC| Feel like Harry or Hermione with the Coding Wand by Kano. Children will code their own spells. Magic!

INSTAGRAM| Looking for our Winter holidays destination I came accross this photographer that works, among other media, for Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Father of 3 kids, he travels the world and so it beatifully through @eatmytribe

DIY| Create “thousand” of  beautiful birds with the last leaves in the floor or with your color pencil scraps . This and many crafts in @tkhlopkova instagram aacount

BABIES| Instead of a rocking horse, we introduce you to the cutest rocking reindeer by Lillagunga

RECIPE| The easiest pastry recipes ever. I cannot stop watching this video by @soyummy

FASHION|  We love this beautiful dress by Monday in Copenhagen.

SHOES| I like so much the last collaboration between Tiny Cottons and Puma, that I am going to see if they have a 38 for me. Fish and chips for everyone.

TOYS| An indoor slide that everyone will love. From the creators of one of the most amazing beds ever, Kitsch Can Make You Rich.

TO LISTEN| In love with all the headphone selection for children by IFROGZ. I do not know if I prefer the bunnie ears or the bear. There are also unicorns and pricesses. In Denmark, you can find them at Børnenes Kartel or in Mini Pop Style, one of my favorite shops in Copenhagen.

TRAVEL| I was wondering the other day in my ig account @conchig, why is so difficult to find a cool hotel for families, if you are not looking only for all inclusive package and children’s club. I want to be able to travel as we did before being a family, but I tend to end browsing hotels that are “adults only”. No complaint there, but maybe hotel brands have a market here, don’t they? Thanks to @eatmytribe, I’ve found this Playa Negra Hotel in Costa Rica that seems very appealing. I will continue my quest, will you join me?

TO CARRY AROUND| Like traveling in the Death Star with this Star Wars luggage by Samsonite

BOOK| I tend to think that children love fiction, but the truth is that they like facts and non-fiction stories even more. Try with Everything & Everywhere


Best regards, CUTEANDKIDS team

Featured image by @snoopygrams

As this December seems to be craziest than ever, we are making a little hiatus in the blog until the beginning of next year, but we will keep busy in our facebook and instagrams accounts: @cuteandkids, @conchig, @lilandcloe and @david_oliva_torras

Remember to enjoy this time with family and friends, but do not forget yourself, you are a pretty special person. 😉