How to explain cancer to kids


Wow CANCER & KIDS sounds terrifying, but unfortunately it is real.

Thankfully, I don’t know any kid close to me facing cancer (or surrounded by it) at this time. If unfortunately, it is your case, this post can binterest you.

IMAGINARY FRIEND SOCIETY is a collection of animation films that try to explain cancer to children. And it runs in ENGLISH & SPANISH.

Cancer can be a frightening and confusing topic at any age.

How do explain cancer to a child who’s facing it? 

The kids should see this

The IMAGINARY FRIEND SOCIETY, has been created by the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to families facing a child’s brain tumor diagnosis. To learn more about them or to get involved, press here. 

The Imaginary Friend Society is their way of helping the youngest patients make sense of the many different aspects of cancer.

The charity teamed up with the RPA agency and 20 creative studios to create animation series that explains the different medical and emotional phases involved in the fight against cancer. The idea to use imaginary friends came after talking to cancer survivors; it turned out that many children were making up “mates” to get them through the gruelling treatment.

The Imaginary Friend Society is a collection of films that attempt to bring some joy to a very serious situation, a cancer diagnosis.

The fictional group of characters called the Imaginary Friend Society help to teach kids about the treatment in a way that is easy to understand. The imaginary friends feature various experiences children confront after a diagnosis, such as:

There’s also an interactive-style video of “Help for Brothers and Sisters” that helps siblings talk about their feelings.

Having cancer as an adult is scary, and fraught with murky medical obstacles. Imagine how it feels when you’re a kid.

What is Cancer? Imaginary friends Captain Beakbeard and his first mate Quincy know a lot about mutiny. So, when it comes to explaining cancer—a mutiny within the body—these pirates are the perfect pair.

The IMAGINARY FRIEND SOCIETY is a series of kid-friendly animations that help introduce cancerchemotherapyMRIsblood transfusionssurgery, and other cancer-related topics to the kids.

They also address some of the emotions that come with the territory, like sadnessanger, and fear.

All the videos are informative, funny and sometimes delightfully silly, providing “answers, smiles and support” to children and their families.

There’s a fuzzy, cute, three-eared rabbit that explains what an MRI is, and there’s a friendly blue puppet showing you all kinds of alternatives if you were to lose your hair during chemotherapy.

Above, watch the foundation’s introductory film: Finding Out You Have Cancer, an animation by Giant Ant.

We hope you would never need to use the info of this post. But if you and your kids have finally to face to cancer, it can be a good resource.

You can find more info and watch all the videos here.