May 13th National Day of Hospitalized Children

Tomorrow, May 13th, at noon, 163 Spanish hospitals will join in a very special mission: send kisses to all hospitalized children in Spain.

ATRESMEDIA Foundationin collaboration with leading institutions and associations linked to children’s hospital care, has aimed at declare May 13th as Spanish National Day of Hospitalized Children. This was possible due to the huge success of last year’s call.

With this campaign, we want to pay tribute to hospitalized children, their families, the medical and health personnel and volunteers.

ATRESMEDIA Foundation, supported by other entities, wants to enhance and add value to the humanitarian efforts that every day are performed in hospitals and pediatric areas by hospital staff and all those agents working to make more pleasant the children stay in the hospital: doctors, nurses, teachers, volunteers and organizations that monitor and contribute to the welfare of children during admission.


Last year ATRESMEDIA launched a video with the idea to encourage the participation of families, children and medical health staff in the day of the hospitalized children. The video, that can be watched and downloaded  at, had an enormous impact in social networks.

From telanzounbeso kisses can be spread through Twitter, Facebook and Google+. All the benefits generated by downloads (iTunes, Spotify and Deezer) will be used to organize and develop activities in future editions of this day.

Thanks to the funds raised with 2015 downloads, balloons has been distributed in the 163 hospitals where the ATRESMEDIA Foundation is currently present through its Hospital Care Program.

The reason behind choosing May 13 as Spanish National Day of Hospitalized Child is because a day like that, in 1986, the European Parliament adopted a Resolution on a charter for children in hospital. In this way, it is reinforced the idea that the right to the best possible medical care is a fundamental right, especially for the early years of development.

The goal is to make this day official to raise awareness about the consequences that hospitalization can have on children.

CUTEANDKIDS wants to dedicate a very special thank you to the professionals working in hospitals and pediatric units, that make our kids’ life easier and better every day.

We also want to thank all volunteers and foundations, who selflessly dedicate their time to sick children.  And why not, we would like to make the most of this occasion by encouraging you to promote May 13th as the day of hospitalized children in your country.

And our biggest thank you of the day goes to  Lary León,* and her daily work.  A woman who always gives her best and always has the greatest smile on her face . Thanks for being so amazing Lary.


+ info: ATRESMEDIA Foundation

* Lary León is the coordinator of Projects and Contents in the ATRESMEDIA Foundation, head of the Hospital Assistance Program and director of Canal FAN3 . She is also the author of the autobiographical book “Lary, el tesón de una sirena” where she relates her longs periods hospitalized when she was a child. This experience marked her life and strengthened her empathy and affection for hospitalized children. Her last book, More than 150 games for fun inside and outside the hospital,  proposes games and tricks to entertain all children and especially those who, for different reasons, have to remain hospitalized. mas-de-150-juegos-para-divertirse-dentro-y-fuera-del-hospital-libro-lary-leon