Mediterranean Fragility, an aid fundraising campaign by hi little!


It is not easy to explain to our kids what is happening in the Mediterranean sea. Thousands of people traveling through North Africa attempting a trip to Europe. People who has been tricked by smugglers, that make them believe that Europe is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or people fleeing the horror of the war in Libya or Syria.

People is DIYING in the Mediterranean sea.

Last June 10th, the Aquarius, a search-and-rescue ship operated by aid groups in the Mediterranean Sea, was refused safe harbour in Italy and Malta after rescuing 629 people of a certain death. Over a hundred of these people were children travelling alone, along with six pregnant women.

In the same week as the Aquarius was refused safe harbour, the crew of a U.S. ship in the midst of carrying out routine operations off the Libyan coast, caught sight of an overcrowded rubber dinghy in distress. The sailors saved 41 lives.

It is unknown how many lives are lost everyday at the sea.

The people on board of these search-and-rescue ships are our shared responsibility.

When lives are still being lost on the Mediterranean Sea, each and every one of us, can and should, step up and speak out.

Cristina Romero, Hi little! co-founder and her two little boys of 4 and 7 years old have just launched a project to sensibilize families about this reality. They have started a fundraising campaign to support two NGO’s that works helping refugees:  Open Arms and  the Open Cultural Center.

Mediterranean Fragility , is a solidarity awareness campaign to explain children what is happening in the Mediterranean sea. Is important for them to know other realities, to be involved and to become spokespersons for the problem, in order to foster their solidarity and critical thinking.

Also, this project let them know that there are anonymous people who dedicate their time and resources altruistically, to help others by offering them what the European institutions are not able to offer.

hi little! has done what they do best: they have designed a line of t – shirts with messages for the whole family, produced in organic cotton in a responsible manner in a friend’s social workshop.


Shirts, that together with the book ¡Amigo mío! , written and illustrated by refugee children in collaboration with volunteers from the NGO Open Cultural Center , will help them raising funds for the benefit of refugee families. Also, they will serve as a pedagogical support to address this reality with our kids.


You can collaborate through their crowfunding campaign at


In exchange, they will send you one of the rewards: A book. A T-shirt.

For the team involved in this project is essential to reach the minimum objective, because, only then, the benefits of Mediterranean Fragility can go to refugee families. 

The T-shirts will be available through for only 5 weeks. The campaign ends April the third. Hurry up!

We want to thank Cristina Romero and her two little kids for sensibilize us and give us a nice way to teach our kids to emphatice with others.

Because, sensitize from an early age and foster empathy, help prevent tragedies like this from happening again in the future.” Cristina Romero – hi little! co-founder