Throwing things from the stands at football games is normally not to be encouraged. But today we want you to watch this video and the incredible history behind it. And teddy bears are the main characters.

The fans of Dutch football side Den Haag are the heroes of the last weekend, after one of the sweetest gestures we’ve ever seen at a football match.

Dan Haag was playing away to Feyenoord and the fans were made aware that a contingent of young patients from Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam were attending the match and would be placed near the away end. All the supporters who made the trip to Feyenoord were asked to bring teddy bears with them. Why?

Children and their parents were below the away supporters. And they were told to throw all the teddy bears down to the stand underneath them in the 12th minute of the match. It was the beginning of the sweetest rain we have ever seen!

As a result of the gesture, there was huge applause heard ringing all around the stadium in Rotterdam.

Watch the video and you will know why!