Most boys I know play football, they love football, football is almost their religion, their true passion. And many girls too. After discovering this socially conscious project: PASS-A-BALL PROJECT, I understood that soccer can change the world in other different ways that those we actually know.

Soccer has become very commercial, and to some degree has lost its soul. Observing how disadvantaged communities embrace the game, Sam Davy and Tara Montoneri were inspired to rethink the role of the humble ball. After all, it’s the ball that’s at the centre of the game.


PARK Social Soccer Co is a socially conscious soccer brand focused on helping disadvantaged kids through a sport they love. Partnering with local charities, PARK gets soccer balls onto the feet of kids that need them most, through its Pass-A-Ball Project.

The One for One model means that for every PARK Soccer Ball purchased, an identical ball is passed on to a kid in need.

Founded in October 2015, the premise has always been inspiring kids to help fellow kids in need. PARK has passed over 4500 balls to kids in need across 8 countries and counting.
Soccer has proven itself as a global game that unites diverse cultures and creates hope and opportunity for the worlds most marginalised.

Soccer is a global sport that nurtures and promotes understanding and inclusion of different cultures and beliefs.

Soccer promotes community spirit, teamwork and a sense of belonging. Reducing social exclusion, discrimination and the risk of players focussing on negative influences such as drugs and alcohol.

Soccer promotes gender equality.

Soccer improves mental and physical health by increasing confidence, self-esteem and can reduce anxieties.

Soccer gives kids a sense of accomplishment, positive feedback and positive goals to focus on.


A PARK ball is the only ball that can be in two places at once. For every ball purchased, we’ll pass an identical ball to a kid in need who would otherwise never receive the gift of a new ball. PASS-A-BALL PROJECT is magical!

Or if you prefer, grab a ball for everyone in your team and they’ll pass the same number of balls to a team in need.

Sometimes, something as simple as having a soccer ball to play with, can change a kid’s life. Yet unfortunately many kids go without. This project partner with charities helping disadvantaged kids, refugees, abandoned children, equal rights for girls and at-risk youth.
Through the Pass-A-Ball Project and support from people like us, PARK has passed balls and the benefits of playing soccer to lots of kids all over the world.

Soccer can change the world. 

Let’s go! Shop a ball! 


Featured image P A R K life Kampala, Uganda.