JUNE 2018 | CUTEANDKIDS likes…

June Cuteandkids likes

Finally, May has finished. A month with daily rain and cold temperatures. Rare. Are we changing the planet? Or is it the climate that wants to play with us?
Welcome June! We want sun!

DECO| It’s time to create a beautiful hanging mobile! Thanks to the elements of this creative decoration kit, embellish the three cages and install delicately the birds in their new house.

WALLDECO| How to paint a gigantic mural with your family.

COSTUME| We discovered this incredible costume thanks to Baballa. More info here.

DIY| An incredible tutorial to design your own terrarium. A must do activity for this summer!

BABIES| Being on the hard and cold ground is no fun. Playmats are part of the interior. Whether in the nursery, the kidsroom or in the living room. Playmats BYALEX. We love them!

RECIPE| Cheetos cookies exist, and here’s where to find them!

FASHION| Cool kids sunglasses for boys and girls. From aviator to wayfarer.

TOYS| A great London shop. I can’t wait until this summer!

TRAVEL| Two years have already passed… and Venice’s BIENNALE ARCHITETTURA 2018 is here again, with incredible pavilions like this. It can be a very dense exhibition, but my daughters really enjoyed it!

BOOK| In the land of Punctuation, a great work by German poet Christian Morgenstern. A magic land.

ART| Short Trip is a 5-minute interactive illustration (you can’t really call it a game) by Alexander Perri. Simply use the left and right arrow keys to move (with the sound on!).

MAGAZINE| Bright Lite, a magazine for girls by girls.

LITTLE SCIENTISTS| This is a classic toy, between magic and engineering, by Cuscusian*s

SUSTAINABLE| We love these lunch boxes, because they are non-toxic, eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and super cute!

REMEMBER| Before tablets and over-protection we all played with playgrounds like these. And we survived!

Best regards, CUTEANDKIDS team

Featured image by LUCAS ZAREBINSKI