Best HEALTHY BROWNIE recipe ever!


Lately we are paying more attention to what we eat at home.

We read the labels of each product, trying to make it as healthy as possible. We avoid taking too much sugar and we try to follow the healthy eating plate by Harvard: more vegetable and fruits every day, whole grains and healthy proteins. It is not easy and let’s admit it, my kids are always asking for biscuits and sweeties.


At home we are sweet addicts. I confess it. But I have the intention to change our habits.

Last week I listened to a nutritionist  talking about “feeding our kids”, and I was shocked when I heard her talking about PETIT SUISSE nutrition facts. In Spain the advertisment says “alimenta como un bistec”, what translated to English means “nourish like a steak“, but according to the nutricionist its nutritional value is very far from the healthy concept.

After looking for healthy and tasty recipes, I think I have found the best HEALTHY BROWNIE recipe ever! No sugar, no flour, no egg, no oil, no milk… Is it possible? Yes it is!

I love chocolate and this healthy brownie recipe is the best brownie I have ever tested!

And healthy too! 

And the best of all is that you only need 3 ingredients:

  • 60 gr pure cocoa powder

Are you speechless?

Try it and let it surprise you and your family with the final result. And ssshhhh! Do not tell them how you did it until they taste it!

I encourage you to visit Laura López’s web to discover lots of more healthy recipes! We are addicts!

And please, if you know any healthy recipes share them with us!

We are launching a new category about healthy and tasty recipes for the whole family!