An original advent calendar: 25 personalised Xmas letters from the North Pole


Today is November the 9th and in a few days we will be decorating our home for Christmas.

I don’t specially like this time of the year, but as a mum I really love how my two little kids feel in this make-believe time.

Do you believe in Elfs? Today we bring you a new and magical Xmas tradition for kids through Advent!

Chief Elf is Emily, a mother of 3 who believes passionately in the power of magic.  From the Father Christmas’ Workshop direct to your little one’s hands…  Emily and another elfs and fairies of INTERNATIONAL ELF SERVICE send you 25 hand-drawn letters, addressed to your kid(s) for you to deliver each day through advent on the countdown to Xmas.

Each day through December, you secretly must deliver a new letter on their behalf. Pop one by their toothbrush, in their shoes, on the door mat, or why not in their school bags?. 

They come with a map of the North Pole village and a Certificate from the Postmaster General. Pure gold for kids!

These letters are designed to inspire children to read, giving them a peek into these enchanting worlds.

The loveable Elves write about their adventures in the North Pole – in real time.

The daily letters are filled with secrets and snippets, creating a wonderful family tradition and keepsake during the countdown to Christmas.

Each and every Christmas letter is lovingly illustrated by hand, complete with genuine splodges for that authentic handcrafted look.


Perfect for giving children a window into the magical, warm and cosy world of Xmas. 

This is a unique Advent Calendar that inspires children to read. One letter a day from the North Pole on the countdown to Christmas.

25 letters addressed to all the children in your family, full of funny stories, endless mishaps and a huge dollop of Christmas Magic!

You can buy this unique Advent Calendar here! 

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