A change of season calls for a new image and this is what we have done at Cute&Kids.

We come full of energy, ready to bring you not only the latest but also the coolest things for kids around the world.

This adventure started two years ago with only one of us and now there three of us on board. Three people with different interests, with different ways to see life but with the same aim, discovering and enjoying life with our children.

Let me introduce ourselves.

Little Ara from Cute and Kids

Ara, 42. Mum, blogger and a very passionately curious woman.

Hi! I´m Ara from Spain, mum of two and content curator of CUTE & KIDS and LILANDCLOE.

I love traveling. I want to teach my daughters things that make them grow as better people, always towards the same goal: their happiness.

Here I will share my personal vision of the kids universe.

Thanks for joining us.

Little Conchi from Cute and Kids

Conchi, 40. Explorer, amateur photographer and constantly in search of new things to learn.

Hi! I’m Conchi, the happy mum of two boys, always looking on the bright side of life.

Traveling is my passion. Discovering new places, meeting people with different ways to approach life is for me the best way to enjoy life.

I want my kids to grow aware of everything around them, open to other people, to other ways of understanding the world. Adventurers, explorers, happy little boys.

I have been living in different countries around the world, but Finland and Denmark are the most recent.

As editor of Cute&Kids I share all the beautiful things I come across.

Little David from Cute and Kids

David, 41. Architect, designer and Warhol fan. Always ready for getting involved in new projects.

Hi! I’m David, dad of two beautiful girls. I am the co-founder architect at SP25 ARQUITECTURA and OLIVA PÉREZ ARQUITECTES.

I am also involved in ESTUDI KRAFT, a project my wife and I started to share our architectural knowledge with children.

Thanks to my daughters, I am continuously discovering an amazing world of design, fashion, art and architecture at their kids scale. A world I had never imagined before.

Let me share it with you!


Through our new categories you will be able to ENJOY, feel INSPIREd, DISCOVER, PLAY and even SHOP.


00 cuteandkids portada playground project


Under ENJOY we will guide you through museums and different types of art, like the exhibition of the Playground Project in Zürich or a plan to sleep in the Natural Museum of London.

We will talk about the best bed-time stories, like The underwater fancy dress parade, or show you the latest apps and videogames of the market. Have you heard about the CHOMP app? Our kids love it!

We love films and music, so our kids, so they will have an space here. The Spring soundtrack by Lullatone will bring your mind to growing flowers and picnic baskets and you cannot miss The diary of Ochibi, a cute Japanese short-film about the seasons of the year.


00 HAO portada


We want to INSPIRE you with buildings and architecture projects that will make you dream, like this Kitchen in a Taiwanese home.  If you’re planning to redecorate your children’s room, we have plenty of ideas for you, with inspiring rooms or fantastic furniture, like these cribs from Nursery works. The coolest cribs ever!

We will also introduce you to inspiring people, like our dear friend Beatriz Gaspar or our favorite photographers, like the miniature photographer Tatsuya Tanaka.




You will be able to DISCOVER where to go around the world, like this tree house hotel in an Animal Reserve located in Kent, in the UK. And where you are there, remember to visit the trendiest shops of the moment, like the Smallable boutique in Paris. A must!

Every month, we will show you a selection of what we like the most under CUTE&KIDS likes. Have you seen our March selection yet?

And as not everything is about us, we want to introduce you to different NGO’s that try to do a better world for our children. We will do our best to promote their job and to teach our children the importance of helping others. If you happen to know one project like these, do not hesitate to tell us. We will be happy to spread the world.

This month we talk about fundacio SMALL, an NGO focused on making a better life for children with cancer.


00 cuteandkids wagon portada


Now it is time to PLAY. Playgrounds made to dream, like this illuminated playground in Montreal, or toys to keep your children entertain for hours.

We love wooden blocks, like the blockitecture garden city, but you can also find printables and crafts, like this DIY toy camera.

Least but not last, we give you ideas to organise parties or presents to be the king of the party. BONBON big balloons will make every party special and you will make a little kid happy with an Escandinavo wrapped in lace and nice paper.




Our last category is about SHOPping. The best brands and the latest fashion trends for boys and girls.

New discoveries, like Carlota Barnabe, or brands that are already a must, like OEUF or the fabulous BABAÀ.

And it is not only about clothes, we also have the coolest accessories, like these crowns from MODERN QUEEN KIDS and the funniest gadgets, like these sausages pillows, we know you need them!

Welcome to the new CUTE&KIDS. Always seeking for the coolest!