November 2018 | CUTEANDKIDS likes…

November is a month of stand-by, the prelude to Christmas. In the North hemisphere, we spend most of the time indoors, as the weather is usually rainy and cold. 

But I love it, because I enjoy being home with friends and family and we haev time to focus in new projects together.

Creativity time! 

DECO| I really love this kids’ room.

COSTUME|Cute DIY costumes, the patterns!

DIY|Cool math activity for kids.

BABIES & TODDLER|Serving sizes for babies and toddlers, a guide

RECIPE| Not a recipe, a book, not every book… THE STAR WARS COOKBOOK!


TOYS|Make Your Own Movie Kit with LEGO.  

TRAVEL|Healthy snacks if you travel by plane. 

BOOK|There are many ways to be smart, do you want to guess how many? This book written by Davina Bell and illustrated by Allison Colpoys is a treasure.

ART| A kit to emulate Anna Atkins.


LITTLE SCIENTISTS|Science mad chemistry lab. 

SUSTAINABLE|Organic modeling clay. Love the colors!

REMEMBER|Kids don’t remember their best day of TV. 

Best regards, CUTEANDKIDS team

Featured image by PILSFERRER