Are you a LEGO fan? When your children have a new LEGO set, can you resist the impulse to “help” them building it?

LEGO is one of our favorite family games. The kind of activity that keeps us engage for hours. All of us: from our two years old to his grandpa of more than 60, a family playing together.

This is the reason why we are so excited about this new LEGO experience: the LEGO HOUSE. An amazing place where LEGO fans, families and friends can experience the playfulness of LEGO universe.

This new building will be located in the centre of Billund, the Danish town where the LEGO bricks were born, the same place where you can experience LEGOLAND, an amusement park based in the LEGO world.

It has been designed by the architect Bjarke Ingels as 21 white LEGO bricks interconnected with each other, crowned by a huge keystone.

The huge bricks forms the internal spaces for 4 EXPERIENCE ZONES, but also create a covered public square and a series of terraces and playgrounds that can be enjoyed by everyone: LEGO fans, visitants or residents of the city of Billund.

The LEGO HOUSE has been designed with their 5 competences in mind: creativity, imagination, caring, learning and quality. And fun, of course, because what is life without fun!

For them, as well as for us, it is clear that children learn when they are having fun.

The red zone is the area for CREATIVITY. There is a giant waterfall with endless LEGO bricks where children can dive into and emerge with whatever come to their mind.

There is even a 2o minute session facilitated by a LEGO teacher (what an amazing job!) that will unleash their imagination to the next level.

The yellow zone explores the world of EMOTIONS.

Understanding, expressing and regulating our emotions help us build confidence and make reasoned choices in life. Luckily, playing is a great way to practice these skills.

In the yellow zone, you can design and build a LEGO fish. The physical creation becomes alive digitally, after being scanned, and let your fish free in the tank to interact with other creations. Just wonderful!

You can also build your own flower and let it grow in the green meadow near the humongous LEGO tree, the biggest tree built with LEGO bricks.

The blue area is the LOGIC zone, where you can learn to solve problems, find solutions, remember stuff and learn new things. This is the place to understand and learn about everything that surrounds us.

In the Blue Area you can program a robot in Robo Lab, plan a city in City Architect or built vehicles that defeat the laws of gravity in Test Driver. I do not know which is my favorite!

The little ones have also their space: Choo Choo Train. A perfect activity for small children and their parents, where they can play together solving any problem that can appears in the tracks.

Last but not least, the green area is the zone for PLAYING WITH OTHERS.

Playing with other gives us the competences to listen and respond to the needs of others.

In the green area, children can direct their own movie in Storie Lab, observe the intriguing lives of minifigures in World Explorer or build the LEGO® minifigure of your dreams in Character Creator.

And this is not all, LEGO House knows that after so much excitement children and grownups will be famish.

3 culinary experiences awaits you: from a quick snack in the Brickaccino to a family restaurant where you can build your own meal or a gourmet experience that serves culinary gastronomy with a fun and subtile LEGO twist.

I know, you cannot wait to be there. Me too!

But we will have to wait until the 28th of September when they will open with a big inauguration party. Tickets will be start selling in June, you can find more info here.

Mr. Lego, we would love to be there!