MAISON MANGOSTAN a new shoes brand for cool kids

MAISON MANGOSTAN is a footwear brand for kids and toddlers, brought to life from the joint creative visions of André Moreira and Carmen Edo, parents, designers and dreamers.

Come with us to discover MAISON MANGOSTAN, the coolest summer footwear brand for kids, that captivates both kids and adults.

We talk about their SS16 collection last year, do you remember?


Each pair of shoes is unique, as are the dreams and boundless imaginations of kids who wear them” André Moreira, MAISON MANGOSTAN creative director

Based in Spain, the brand was born from the initial idea of creating a kidswear label that André would have enjoyed as a child. A brand with a sense of endless possibilities, influenced by art, music, and a rich ethnic heritage, providing parents with shoes that truly reflect their kids’ personalities.


MAISON MANGOSTAN shoes are not only comfortable to walk in or fun to wear, they are entirely made in Spain by specialized craftsmen. They use the highest quality materials in a way which respects the environment, with attention to detail and to the people involved in the process – from conception to production. We love how they care about their environmental  responsibility without loosing the best quality of the final product.

Since their debut last season, every collection aims to bring something inventive and functional, redefining the classic espadrille silhouette for improved comfort and visual impact. Brightly-coloured hiking laces and a combination of different, contrasting textures bring a sense of adventure and style to the footwear brand.


As a mother I’m always looking for garments manufactured with high quality standards, but appealing to  my little girls. It’s not easy, beliebe me . With MAISON MANGOSTAN the problem is that both have the same thinking: Mum, we like all of them! 

Keep your eyes on MAISON MANGOSTAN, because It’s a must!

Love the breath of fresh air they’re bringing to the kids’ footwear universe. MAISON MANGOSTAN match perfect with those wild adventures that our kids have yet to live. Summertime is coming!


And what about the playful campaign shot by Carmen Ordoñez? A brand with coherence, from the beginning to the end.

At CUTEANDKIDS we are very proud of brands favor of manufacturing in their country with the best quality, specially if the country is ours. These kind of brands will always have our support.

Visit MAISON MANGOSTAN website, they’re launching the SS17 new collection these days. You can buy these stylish shoes on line.

We warn you, buy yours before it’s too late!

+ info & online shop: MAISON MANGOSTAN