SLEEPY SNOOGUS: Empowering Cambodian Mothers

I am a lucky person.

My parents worked hard to give me an education. Thanks to that I was able to find  a good job, travel the world and start my family. I would not be what I am without their effort.

Now that I am a mum too, nothing is more important for me that their wellbeing and education and I think that I share that with all the parents around the world.

CAMBODIAN KNITS is a Cambodian company that produces hand-knitted and crocheted woolen toys and sell them worldwide. It could seem one of many, but what makes a difference is their support and involvement with their employees. They really try to make this world a better place to live.

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They employ women in marginalized communities, like Trapeang Anh Chan, an area where people where relocated from central Phno Penh to make a way for a railway project. Although they have received some support from the government, like housing, the 20 km trip to the city makes difficult to find a job elsewhere.

Cambodia Knits not only offers employment possibility there, they also train interested community members and provided materials and tools free of charge.

Providing woman with employment opportunities is the key to raising families out of poverty.

They believe women have the power to break the intergenerational cycles of poverty, contribute to their communities and change the world. Given economic opportunities, women invest their incomes into the health, education and future of their families.

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They have recently launched their new toy collection: the SLEEPY SNOOGU, a family of animal dolls inspired by nights of sleep deprivation after the birth of Monica’s first child, Sophea.

She thought that a cuddly doll with sleepy eyes would encourage Sophea (and the rest of the family) to sleep more. She was not completely true, but Sophea love it anyway, as I am sure your kids will too.

Sleepy snogus_seen in CuteandKids

Together with the collection, they have launched and INDIEGOGO campaign to create a fund for the education of their employee’s children.

Public schools in Cambodia are technically free, but informal fees have driven the price of an education beyond the reach of many families. The fund will cover costs like uniforms, books and extra tuition fees, with priority given to single mothers and large households.

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They have  5 Sleepy Snoogus with matching hats, all of them adorable.  With the purchase of one hat, Cambodian Knits will be able to supply school material for half a year and if you decide to buy also a matching doll, you will be supporting an entire family’s education for a month and a half.

Visit their page and learn a bit more about their project and the beautiful Sleepy Snoogus. With your contribution we can make the world a better place and, who knows, maybe your little one will start sleeping better from now onwards. Happy sleep for everyone!

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I didn’t finish school and my life has been hard. That’s why I try my best to make sure my children graduate.It’s what every mother wants. That’s what I think.

Rony, Cambodian Knit employee