Traveling with kids is for me the best way to dip into the culture and life of whatever place you are visiting. They do not have a list with museums to see and they do not feel in a hurry to photograph every single spot in your travel guide. They only want to explore, to live the moment.

Kid&coe, the family friendly vacation rental, knows a lot about that. Luckily for those who love traveling, they have expanded their options around the world, including Safaris, boutique hotels and home exchange to their collection of vacation rentals.

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Sri Lanka is our planned destination for this Winter break.

Until now, we have always travelled with our return ticket and accommodation for the first night, but now with two kids of 2 and 6, we prefer to prepare everything a little bit more.

We still look for the same: living the country we are visiting, getting to know its people, its culture.

We do not like to expend our time in a hotel where we can find food and activities 24/7, or in a bus where you cannot smell the city, talk to its citizens, stop everywhere you want.

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The Sri Lanka Safari offered by Kid&coe is what we are looking for.

11 nights sleeping in beautiful and special places :tea plantations, old manor houses and even beach huts.

And 12 days exploring the country, discovering its cultural heritage and its amazing landscapes: pristine beaches, national parks, tea plantations, botanical gardens and waterfalls.

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Garret Clarke

A scenic ride in a tradicional train among tea plantations, seeking for leopards and elephants in its National Parks, learning about tea, watching the sunset in beautiful beaches.

But what I love the best, it is the idea of letting the traveller being a explorer. In the past, we didn’t like others organizing our travels because travel agencies tend sometimes to schedule every single minute of the journey.

Steve McCurry

Free time is a must for us, and this is also what this Safari offers.

We want to stop in every market, to let them play football with other kids, to spend the afternoon talking to the locals, to enjoy the sun set without having to look the clock.

I can picture us there and I cannot wait for the holidays to arrive. Since then, I will continue seeking for destinations and surfing through kids&coe properties. A real pleasure.

Tea plantation in Nuwara Elwiya

And you? Do you like traveling with kids? Which is your next destination?

Can you recommend us something to do or places to stay in Sri Lanka? We would love to hear you.