There is nothing I love more than traveling.

Packing few things and moving to a new city: meeting new people, trying new food, discovering museums or visiting landscapes.

I have tried to transfer my passion to my kids and sometimes we sit down in the sofa and travel with a map, or why not through fantastic illustrations that make us fly away.

We can travel to SHANGHAI

Shanghai by Aldo Crusher for Revista Aire_ seen in Cute andkids blog

illustration by Aldo Crusher

, climb to the Rockefeller building,

New york illustration by James Gulliver Hancock_ seen in Cuteandkids blog

illustration from James Gulliver Hancock

or pretend to play in le champs de Mars

Paris illustrated by Antoine Corbineau

illustration by Antoine Corbineau

Feel like Christmas in Strasbourg,

Strasbourg illustration by Anna Simons - seeninCuteandKids blog

illustration by Anna Simons

or climb a palm tree in Istanbul.

Illustration of Istanbul by La tigre_Seen in Cuteandkids blog

Illustration by La tigre

Traveling around the world, jumping from one picture to the other. Nothing cannot be more fun!

But at the end of the day, it is nice to be home.

Moonshine illustration by Jon Klassen

illustration by Jon Klassen