Do you like lollipops? And sculptures? Then you will love SHINRI TEZUKA’s work!

Do you like lollipops? Do you like sculptures? If your answers are both “YES”, you must follow Shinri Tezuka’s work. A sweet way to start a new autumn week!

Candy sculptures Shinri Tezuka

First of all, a little bit of history. Amezaiku is the Japanese craft of lollipop-making, which dates back to the 700s when artisans made mouth-watering and artistic lollipops to be presented as gifts.

At the age of only 27, self-taught candy sculptor Shinri Tezuka may be one of the youngest practitioners of amezaiku. Even though the craft dates back hundreds of years, there are only two known candy makers in all of Tokyo who roll, sculpt, and paint lollipops in this manner.

Tezuka is the owner of a small shop in the Asakusa district of Tokyo called Ameshin. The store combines a studio and workshop where Tezuka not only fashions his realistic creations, but also holds workshops and demonstrations for the public.

Some of Tezuka’s creations include too-good-to-lick lollipops of goldfish, frogs, pandas, rabbits, snakes, dragons and tadpoles. He makes them only from sugary syrup and starch as well as organic coloring so they’re completely edible.

Candy sculptures Shinri Tezuka

At his shop in Tokyo he sells them for between 1000 – 2000 yen. You can also sign up for workshops (2500 yen for adults; 2000 yen for kids) where you’ll get to make your own amezaiku.

Candy sculptures Shinri Tezuka

So, come on, it’s time to start planning a new trip to Tokyo!