My golden ticket book. Best personalised children’s book ever


MY GOLDEN TICKET BOOK is one of my last discoveries. A personalised children’ s book edited by Wonderbly, a London-based startup, in collaboration with Roald Dahl Literary Estate. This book will bring your kids to Willy Wonkaworld-famous Chocolate Factory.

Honoring Roald Dahl Day, the team worked closely with the Roald Dahl Literary Estate to create a Wonka-filled adventure, where everyone wins a Golden Ticket. Many of the elements are based on the original story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — incorporating vivid and colorful visuals.

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LITTLE TITLEE – Funny and delicate jewels for kids

Last week I’ve spent tons of time researching a friendship bracelet for boys.  And I have to admit it, nothing special came out for  little men. For girls, on the other side, I came across the cutest and funniest jewels you’ve ever seen. C’est la vie for a mum of boys.

Do you know Little Titlee? We discovered them in the last Playtime fair and if you are looking for something fun, but delicate, you have to continue reading.

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Bawar sisters – their story


As promised, we would like to introduce you to the three sisters featured in our October recommendation post.

Lara and Mara live in Sao Paulo with her sister Sheila and they are known in social media as the Bawar sisters. The Bawar twins have albinism, a genetic condition that causes the partial or complete absence of pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes. This is their story.

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This Book is a Planetarium – a book for “touching science”

If you are the type of family that love discovering how things work, if you like explaining science in an easy way and building gadgets with your kids “This book is a Planetarium” is your book.

A pop up book that contains a constellation-projecting planetarium, a strummable musical instrument, a geometric drawing generator, a perpetual calendar, a message encrypter and decoder, and a speaker that amplifies sound.

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