PLEASE TOUCH, an art exhibition by Kristine Mandsberg

I do not know how I came accross Kristine Mandsberg, maybe instagram, a deco magazine or one of her pieces of work in the middle of Copenhagen. What I know is that I love the way she perceives the world and transforms it into art.

After designing for HAY, IKEA or Ferm Living among other many brands, she has an exhibition ongoing in Officinet (Copenhagen) that soon will be shown at CIFF kids Fair. If you are around, do not miss ot!


What I like the most of Kristine Mandsberg’s work is the way she plays with color, shapes, dimensions and perspectives. Maybe it sounds funny, but her work makes me happy.

One of her last works was a wall decoration in the center of the city, covering the metro construction. She created a pattern using not only colors and shapes, but 164 panels that brough 3D perspective to the decoration. That way the illustration changed according to the position and the angle the pedestrian was looking at it. She filled Copenhagen grey’s day with playfulness and joy.

In her new exhibition, Please touch, the audience is encourage to feel and touch the art pices, to move them around, making the exhibition become alive, evolving and changing.

Every person will feel it in a different way, according to what they touch and move, their height or if they enjoy it stand up or at ground level.

I really think that this is the perfect exhibition for everyone, but specially for children. A perfect way to approach them to art.

Go to Please Touch and tell us your experience. We would love to know how and what you feel about it.


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I am always looking for beautiful gifts for my beloved ones and today  I am impressed by these modern alphabet animals flash cards. They are the perfect present for my little monkeys.

These 26 flash cards will help them learning the ABCs in a playful and funny way. Every card depict an animal for each letter of the alphabet.

Do you like them? I love them!

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Books my children love

Library day is a blast at home. Not only because they love the place, but also because they enjoy “the hunting” and the discovery of new titles.

One of my favorite moments is when they choose what we bring home. They discuss it, change their opinion gazillions of times and after some time they proudly bring home their selected prize.

And then, we read it. Sometimes once, sometimes two or three times and that’s all. But there are books my children love and we read and read and they never get tired of it.

You Choose is one of those and I really have to recommend it here.

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Welcome to this new year! Beginnings are the best moment to reflect on the past and plan for improving the future. Let’s try to be a best version of ourselves, as parents, as friends, as ourselves!

During this year we will continue sharing with you whatever helps us in achieving this goal. Because nobody said that being parents was easy, right?

Our “main” wish is that our kids will be happy and great people.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As parents, we are looking forward for spending more time with family and friends in this special part of the year

This is why we will make a parenthesis during the Christmas period.

It has been a pleasure sharing with you all the things we love. Thank you very much for being there and following us.

Have a really nice holidays!

Best wishes Ara, Conchi & David


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“What Children say” by Pequeños Grandes Mundos

“There are things I do not know how to explain, so I draw them”

Malena lives in Kyoto and she was 7 years old when Mey and Ivanke met her. They asked her what she felt when she was drawing and this is exactly what she replied.

Today her words are part of “What children say”, a series of illustrations that fund the work of the non-profit organisation “Pequeños Grandes Mundos” (little big worlds) Read more

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CINKSHOP kids bamboo dinnerware


In the new millennium, being a resident of planet Earth means you have more responsibility than ever taking care of your home. We firmly believe that we must preserve our planet. It is up to us to do our part and move to a more sustainable lifestyle.

This is the reason why I am looking for sustainable products to replace plastic, like this stylish kids’ bamboo dinnerware set, designed by CINK, a new Swedish brand launched in Summer 2017.

A sunny Autumn day in the South of Sweden three mums joined on a child-free weekend. A bottle of wine (or maby more than one) and a lot of bubbling minds full of ideas. Two entrepreneur- moms and one frustrated don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-life-mum and the idea of CINK was born! Read more

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