KIDS FOR CHANGE #midlandskidsforchange

I truly believe that each and every one of us can change the world.

It is true that not all of us have the charisma to convince multitudes, but many people working towards the same purpose can do whatever they decide. Together.

I also believe that children should be empowered from the very beginning of their lives.

If they believe in themselves, if they care and empathise with others, they will work towards what they think is fair without realising it.

Now that the world is getting crazier every day. Where many people only think in their own benefit and close their eyes to the suffering of others. Now, more than ever, it is important to give them voice, to listen what children have to say. This is why I like Midlands campaign #midlandskidsforchange and I want to share it with you.

Let’s stand up and change the world. Together.

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LITTLE BIG ROOMS book and other fresh ideas to decorate kids’ room


If you like deco, it’s probably you will be always looking for fresh ideas to decorate your kids’ room.

I do. I am very interested in decoration and have a radar to detect the in’ things.

Are you an interior lover? Do you need a little bit of inspiration?  Today it is your lucky day because we are sharing a new book, the bible for decorating your kids’ room: LITTLE BIG ROOMS, edited by GESTALTEN, together with other fresh ideas to get inspiration.

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One thing I always wanted to have is a diary of my travels. A sketch book where to draw what I see and add my thoughts and experiences. And I have tried it, I promise, but I am simply too bad at drawing.

Pictures are great, but unless you can print them instantly,  I have the feeling that the diary loose the impressions of the moment and becomes just an album.

This is why I am completely in love with @a.aradilla sketchbook.

During one year, I have been travelling the world through her watercolors. Now she is back to Spain, but you can travel as well through her instagram account.

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GOOGLE LENS, GOOGLE MAPS and the helpful red guiding fox


Today I was discussing with some friends that the world is changing so  fast, that it will arrive a moment when I will not able to follow what is going on. Sometimes I feel so exhausted, that I think about one of Mafalda’s famous quotes: “Stop the world that I want to get off!”.

Growing up, I remember my father telling my mum in the car:  Josefa, take the map and look how we can get to… 

And now, thirty years later, 30 yeats that have gone like thunder, I am reading about AR, and how a cute red fox will guide me through Madrid in an app installed in my own smartphone. If you stop for a moment to think about it, it seems crazy, doesn’t it?

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@bloggaibagis – INSTAGRAM HOMES

Now that the weather is perfect, at least in Copenhagen, I would love to move to Janniche’s house.

Janniche, most known as @bloggaibais in instagram, lives in Stockholm, Sweden and has one of my favorite blogs of nordic interior design.

Her house is minimalistic, but not boring. Full of color and good taste, it is an inspiration if you are looking to give an special touch to your own home, are you coming with us?

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We are quite certain that at this time of the year you are already organising your holidays. If you live in the North of Europe, everything will be ready by now. But, let’s face it, sometimes while looking to your partner the idea of traveling without kids comes to your mind.

Can you imagine a trip without strollers, nap schedules or visits to playgrounds?… It is tempting, a week for two, isn’t it?

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