ANONYMOUSE – Or a Mouse town in Malmö

I love INSTAGRAM. At the beginning I used it to follow people I already knew, but then, it became a place to be inspired, to discover places where to eat or shop or even to meet new friends.

One of my last discoveries are these tiny shops in Malmö, Sweden. And I do not call them tiny due to their size, that in fact it is, but also for the type of customers that I suppose they have.

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best books about outdoor activities with kids + a game

I remember my chilhood days, always running outside with my friends. Our legs and later, our bicycles, were our best adventure friends. Nowadays we live in a city and my kids are rising without contact with Nature. This is the reason why I began the search for the best books about outdoor activities with kids.

I have made a selection, some of them are in English and other in Spanish, but we hope the language will not be a problem, because nature speaks a unique language, the language of freedom. 

We wish these books help our family to get back outside. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure this spring or summer, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this post.

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5 creative ways to build a story with children

This weekend was raining non stop. We planned visits to the Supermarket and to a near Science Museum, but many other parents planned the same and we felt stuck and bored.

This morning I decided to plan ahead for the next “boring” weekend. Boredom is needed and sometimes it is the first step to unveiled creativity, but it is better if you have a threat to follow, an idea to plant in your children minds. So, here my 5 ideas to build a fantastic and creative story with your children. Read more

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PARIS KIDS city guide by MILK magazine

When most of my friends think on Paris with kids, DISNEYLAND PARIS is what it comes to their mind.

But this is not my idea of Paris with kids. What I really want is showing them the Madeleine Church, wander accross Montmartre streets and squares or  sit down and enjoy the time passing by in my favorite square: Place des Vosgues, a place where time seems to have stopped.

I want to show them the spectacular city views from the top of l’Arc du triumph, to buy a book in Shakespeare & Co bookstore and read it afterwards in Shakespeare & Co Café. I want to show them the impressive Eiffel tower, to follow the aroma of a croissant or a pain au chocolat and taste a hot chocolate at ANGELINA. It will be wonderful to join the  TILT KIDS art festival and  stare at the windows of any department store during Christmas. And of course, to touch the gargles on the top of Notre Dame and make a treasure hunt at the LOUVRE museum organized by THATMuse. 

Paris is a magical city! If you are going to Paris with kids, I would you follow the recommend addresses included in the brand new PARIS KIDS city guide published by MILK magazine.

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You know that around here we are always looking to approach our interests and inquisitiveness to our little ones. We do not believe in a world for kids, but in kids living the same world as we do and enjoying it.

I recently read an article with declarations from actress Reese Witherspoon where she states that the media world, and maybe the world in general, does not understand the full spectrum of the female experience.

If I have to define myself, I do not want to use mum as my first and only attribute, and this is definitively  how I want my children to perceive it.  I am an engineer, a traveler, a curious person, a photography addict, a continuous learner, a mum, and many other things that define myself at the same level, without having to choose only one or categorising one in front of the other.

We do not believe in tags: “mum’s blogs, kid’s content“, but in opening our mind to everything that can interest us and fulfill our needs to learn. As Reese says: “Women want real substance and premium thought-provoking, well-made content” . I will add that men and children need that too. No genders, race or age involved in such predicament.

This is why I want to introduce you Rion Nakaya, a design director, video producer and lifelong learner who loves storytelling, sustainable tech, well-designed spaces, and wandering the halls of small science museums. She is mum of 2 kids and founder of TKSST (The Kid Should See This) a video blog with content that children love, but that it has not been developed with them in mind. You are going to love it!

Come and see.

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