To let or not to let your kids use devices & Apps, that is the question


Last week I read an interesting article about don’t  letting our kids to use Apps. It was written by Mark Wilson, senior writer at Fast Company. And I liked it, it made me think.

My eldest wants to have her own mobile phone and to be in Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, and another trendy social media Apps, and of course she wants to be in Whats up.

And what I think about it?

Is Social Media so bad for them? Or we just let them use it?

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YPORQUÉ Spring/Summer Collection #readytoplay

If you are a mum of boys, I am quite sure that you, like me, wander around the girls’ zone in every shop thinking how different it is from the boy’s. There is usually much more assortment and creativity, let’s accept it. After that, I imagine you in the boy’s wing trying to find something different, but not very commercial. Tricky, isn’t it?

This is why I love brands as Yporqué and I end going to them again and again. They have playful and comfortable clothes, the type my children choose without thinking every time I open the closet door. Do you want to know why?

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The Benjamin brush, a kids musical toothbrush


As a mother I know how difficult is to get kids to brush properly.

It is nothing new, I think that parents everywhere have experienced the battle. Looking for resources to get my kids more excited about brushing their teeth and encourage them good brushing habits, I have found this musical toothbrush. Let me introduce you the Benjamin brush.

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While I am writing this, it is still snowing outside my window. Even living in the north of Europe, April means Spring for me and I am currently feeling the need for some color and sunlight.

If the weather is not cooperating, I will make sure to bring the Spring to our life in another way. Today a collection of accesories and brands that will make you feel in the middle of a Tuscany field or surrounded by Cherry trees in the Jerte valley. Let’s bring a splash for Spring to our kids’ wardrove.

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