Hugg Bed by Bababou – from birth and beyond

My children are far from being babies now,  but I cannot resist to beautiful furniture. I saw a picture of the Hugg Bed in instagram and it was love at first sight.

Then I realise how much I share the company vision and their approach to family life, so I feel the need to share it with everyone that it is becoming a parent soon or potentially will be in the future.

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MODU- Imagine, Build and Play

Everybody knows that children love building blocks. Also it is more that proven that this type of game develops not only their fine motor skills, but also their imagination. A favourite in every family! 

What if I tell you that children can now imagine their new toys, build them at their own size and then play with them? Toys that can not only move, but transport them wherever they want to go.

Yes, it is true. Let me introduce you to MODU TOYS.

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#StorytimeLoop – Where the Wild Things are

Instagram is an incredible creative place! Come and get amazed by a group of photographers that decided to recreate a Storytime tale in their instagram feeds.

Their first story is one of our favorites: Where the Wild Things are, and starts like this:

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ANONYMOUSE – Or a Mouse town in Malmö

I love INSTAGRAM. At the beginning I used it to follow people I already knew, but then, it became a place to be inspired, to discover places where to eat or shop or even to meet new friends.

One of my last discoveries are these tiny shops in Malmö, Sweden. And I do not call them tiny due to their size, that in fact it is, but also for the type of customers that I suppose they have.

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Guess who is who was one of my favorite games when I was little. I spent hours trying to guess the character the other player had chosen.

Is it a boy or a girl? Has he blue eyes? Is she wearing a hat?

This easy diy will take it back for you and your children. Do you want to try?

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Oliver’s Jeffers World -New Web

We are huge fans of Oliver Jeffers. We really like his stories and illustrations. but also how he is involved whit everything that is going on in our planet, everything that matters.

This week ,he just have launched his new web and it is so great that we want to share it with you. You are going to love it and your children more.

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5 creative ways to build a story with children

This weekend was raining non stop. We planned visits to the Supermarket and to a near Science Museum, but many other parents planned the same and we felt stuck and bored.

This morning I decided to plan ahead for the next “boring” weekend. Boredom is needed and sometimes it is the first step to unveiled creativity, but it is better if you have a threat to follow, an idea to plant in your children minds. So, here my 5 ideas to build a fantastic and creative story with your children. Read more

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