A “See you later” and some personal thoughts

The end of last year brought me a “special” present. One morning I woke up and half of my body was having a life on its own.

I went on an ambulance for the very first time and spent the New Year’s celebration connected to a machine and working to gain control of my body and my life.

Now, almost half a year later I can say that I am back to ‘normal‘ life, although I have to admit that I will never be able to play handball at a professional level (says me, the person that never got to go to the gym);).

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Projects with soul: TIC TAC by PLAYOFFICE


PLAYOFFICE is a full-service architecture and design studio specialized in children environment, from domestic scale up to public spaces.

They describe their job like this: PLAYOFFICE design spaces and things for kids that encourage creativity, emotional intelligence, physicomotor habilities and cohabitation.

I think they have forgotten the most important one: PLAYOFFICE give a soul to the spaces they take part in.

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@eva.stories tell us about Holocaust at Instagram


1980. When I was young I read “Anne Frank’s Diary”. I was shocked by her story. Thirty years later I visited Anne Frank’s home. That book had changed my life forever.

2019, forty years later. These days, you can follow Holocaust at “real time” because a new project is born: @eva.stories tell us about Holocaust at Instagram.

This is the Holocaust told to the social media generation.

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PAPER ZOO by Oscar Sabini, a collage book


Oscar Sabini is a Venetian illustrator and collage artist. The starting point of his striking collages is a random construction of forms which, piece after piece, become a recognizable image. He designs collage books, and we love them.

His interest in the technique of collage and teaching it to children resulted in two collage books, Paper Zoo and Paper Monsters (Thames & Hudson, 2015 & 2017), which help kids create their own collage pieces.

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Beautiful kids wear campaign| ZARAKIDS swimwear SS19


One of my late pleasures is shooting with my camera or with the iPhone.

But I am not a photographer, I am only a mum, a daughter, a friend… someone with a photographic eye that is learning and maturing every day. I enjoy capturing every day moments of my family and friends.

This is why I went into “shock” when I came accross this beautiful fashion kids wear campaign: FIRE HYDRANT, swimwear collection ZARA KIDS SS19.

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