10 Children Activity Books for this Summer – PART 1

Holidays are here. Long days to play, to swim in the sea or in the swimming pool, to be lazy, to do nothing.

But let’s be serious, at least a bit, there are moments when children need something more organized to do. Because it is raining outside, they are tired or simply because we want they practice what they have learned.

This 10 children activity book are everything but boring. They will encourage their creativity, teach them about art, but also let them practice maths, reading or writing.

Cuaderno-de-vacaciones_Tragaluz_interior_seen in CuteandKids blog

CUADERNO DE VACACIONES, by Grassa Toro and Isidro Ferrer

This is not a holidays activity book, it is a book for turning a usual day into holidays, says his author, Grassa Toro.

Most of the activities can be done with your hands but others will need your heads and toes. A few of the activities can be done once, but for the rest, you can repeat them two thousand four hundred and twenty seven times.

An invigorating book for children’s creativity. Available only in Spanish.

+info: Cuaderno de vacaciones
The book with a hole_ interior_seen in CuteandKids blog

THE BOOK WITH A HOLE, by Herve Tullet

This Herve’s Tullet book will bring you and your kids hours of fun. There is no limit in the games you can play with this book.

You can use your hands, your face and even the imagination to fill the space that it is let open by the hole.

+INFO: The book with a hole  El libro con mordisco

the little factory of illustration_inside_seen in cuteandkids blog


Join the artful sketcher on a tour around this little factory. The people living there love making pictures, playing with geometry and experimenting with different art techniques.

At the end of the tour you will find your own office and you will be able to have your own exhibition.

+info: the little factory of illustration

alphabeasties amazing activities_seen in Cuteandkids blog


Word finds and mazes, coloring and connect the dots, matching and madlibs, stickers and stuff.

Practicing the alphabet was never so fun!

You can pair it with their other children books inspired in tipography: Alphabesties and other amazing types, Alphasaurus and other prehistoric types or Bugs by the numbers.

+info: Alphabesties Amazing Activities

100 coloring book_ seen in cuteandkids blog

100 CoLORING BOOK by Dominika Lipniewska.

There are literally hundreds of objects to colour, decorate, trace and count in the 100 Colouring Book and hours of fun to be had in the process.

Funny animals, cars, strange flowers and even a whole village.

It is time to relax and bring your own ideas to make every character unique. As unique as you are.

+info: 100 Coloring Book

The first 5 books of our selection of 10 children activity books for this Summer. Let us know what you think and which are your favorites. We really want to know it.