ABC by Bruno Munari

School has started everywhere and many children are learning now how to write and read. At least, this is what my kid is doing and I can see how he hates repetition, repetition and repetition all the time.

For that reason I love Bruno Munari’s ABC book. It is simple, colourful and uses the text in a funny way to help children remember thanks to alliteration. There is “an ant on an apple” and ” a dog and his dish outside the door”. There is “a cat in a cage”and “some glasses in green grass”. We are almost singing every time that we read it.

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But do you know what is even better? Bruno Munari has also another funny way to help them learning letters. With his ABC with imagination, children can build all capital letters only using several basic strokes, straight and curve.


They can learn that R is formed by a vertical, a curved and a diagonal line or they only need two diagonal line and one horizontal to create the A. It is like building with legos only that we build whole words. Amazing!


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