Direct to the space with Galactic genius and AstroCat

Do you want to go into space and explore like a pro Astronaut? Do you want to spot far away planets or look for the new alien in the block? Then Galactic Genius with Astrocat is the game that you are looking for

I am the type of mum that prefers to embrace technology, rather than ignore or avoid it. I still remember how I react as a kid to everything that was forbidden , and let’s face it, the internet and all those games and applications can be a good teacher if you know how to use them.

Of course I am in favor of controlling screen time (in hours and content), so this is one of the reasons why I am so happy to come across funny games that make them practice useful skills: AstroCat and MiniLab are really good at that.

So yes, I am very happy to say hi again to our friend Astrocat, the crazy cat-astronaut that will help your child (and yourself) to exercise his memory, his logic, his concentration, his speed and of course, to have fun.

My 6 years old has become an expert in the 6 available games, but he was not so good at all of them at the very beginning.

What I like about Galactic Genius with Astrocat is that they need to practice all the different skills if they want to access other levels in the games they like. This way they need to try different things and they need to master what they are not so good at. It is a good patience exercise!

Maybe is not so active and fast as other games, but we love playing together and see who is having the best scores or who has which sticker.

I am pretty good at Launch Sequence (a memory game where you have to remember sequence of colors and positions of lights), but I am pretty bad at UFO Spotter (a concentration game where you have to find the different UFO against the clock).

In the other hand, my kid is pretty good as Set the Scene (a memory game with fun characters), but he has tough time understanding how shapes and colors look like when they appear flat and not in 3D perspective, like in When Planets Align.

Download the game from the Itunes store and tell us which is your favourite.  You will be soon a Solar General like Astrocat. Fun, fun, fun!