GOOGLE LENS, GOOGLE MAPS and the helpful red guiding fox


Today I was discussing with some friends that the world is changing so  fast, that it will arrive a moment when I will not able to follow what is going on. Sometimes I feel so exhausted, that I think about one of Mafalda’s famous quotes: “Stop the world that I want to get off!”.

Growing up, I remember my father telling my mum in the car:  Josefa, take the map and look how we can get to… 

And now, thirty years later, 30 yeats that have gone like thunder, I am reading about AR, and how a cute red fox will guide me through Madrid in an app installed in my own smartphone. If you stop for a moment to think about it, it seems crazy, doesn’t it?

Future is now. All the impossible inventions we watched in all those awesome films when we were young are happening, and soonerthan we think, they will look outdated.

What have you thought when you were young, if I had told you that you could wear a pair of glasses able to connect to your phone’s camera? Glasses able to detect objects and suggest you different actions based on what they see.  You would probably thought I was hallucinating.

And yes, this is exactly how Google Lens works. And there is more, with Google Lens you can take screenshots of text from signs, recipes or receipts and capture them in a usable form in your phone.


One of the most popular features shown by Google last month was a visual update to Google Maps that replaces the little blue dot indicating your position with a visual display of what is located around you and helpful arrows pointing in the right direction.

And just for fun, Google has added a helpful guide, a cute fox who shows the direction you need to walk.

The company’s developers are always looking for new ideas to improve navigation when using Google Maps. The AR functionality uses the camera on your smartphone to show you which is the direction you have to walk.

The revised app combines real-world images with map overlays and location-based positioning, allowing users to access more information with less effort e.g. street names and places whilst in directions mode. And a red fox could guide you to where you need to go with Google Lens and Google Maps.

I am sure that my kids will be delighted with the idea of follwoing a fox through the streets of NYC.

We don’t know if the AR feature is simply an experiment or if it will be released to all users. We can daydreaming… It would be great that we could change the fox with our own avatar, it sounds great

Google has created a cute augmented reality  fox to help people navigate directions within Google Maps.

Future is now. Are you ready?

Ready, steady…Go!