SPACE app by TINYBOP for all the little astronauts

Last december the 1st, there was a little surprise for all the little astronauts in the world, that day SPACE app by TINYBOP was launched . SPACE is a great app that lets kids (and adults) explore the solar system and planets like a real astronaut, so cool!

Do your kids and you like to look up at the night sky? Now you can view our solar system up close and personal and explore its moons, asteroids, and planets in 3D SPACE app.


If your kids ask you questions about what is the speed of light, how fast is it and how was it discovered, you must know that the answer of this question was just discovered 340 years ago, on December 7, 1676.

Google marked the 340th anniversary of determination of the speed of light with fascinating Google Doodle today. And to celebrate the aniversary, we decide to share with you an amazing app that would have fascinated Olaus Roemer or Galileo Galiei.

In Tinybop’s Space, wonderfully illustrated by the artist Jessi Sattler, you have a spacecraft and a set of tools to study each planet with, just like scientists do. Visit each planet, observe closely, use your tools, and see what you can learn.

Space puts our awe-inspiring solar system in kids’ hands. Kids explore like astronauts on tiny Mercury, fierce Venus, friendly Earth, dusty Mars, stormy Jupiter, elegant Saturn, hazy Uranus, and mysterious Neptune.

Boldly go where no kid has gone before. Tag along with robotic rover Curiosity, trek over the sun’s fiery surface, and jump into a wild space storm on Venus.


Kids can travel through the cosmos, hurl meteorites at planets, discover the phases of the moon, zoom onto the sun, and jump into a whirling space storm.

In reality, we can’t explore the inside of planets, but in Space, kids can ripple through Uranus’ sea of diamonds or push Venus’ molten rock to its surface. Jessie Sattler SPACE’ s designer

Press play on the video below and discover how this app runs:

Do you and your kids want to learn more about solar system? You can download the free SPACE HANDBOOK and get interactivity tips, fun facts, and discussion questions to support STEM education.

Or you can learn more at SPACEHACK a directory of ways to participate in space exploration that “allow anyone, with or without a formal science background, to make an active contribution to the furthering of space exploration and knowledge.” Spacehack takes the idea of STEM activities to another level by allowing kids to have a direct impact on an ongoing scientific project.

If your kids love space, download SPACE app by TINYBOP on the App Store

If Galileo had our new Space app he would have seen that Saturn’s rings are not solid and that Neptune is in fact, a planet. What he missed, your kids can now discover with the solar system right at their fingertips. TINYBOP

Since I was a child I had been always dreaming about the idea of flying into the solar system, so SPACE app has fascinated me as an adult!