TOCA TV video app for kids 5 to 9

TOCA TV is a new streaming service just for kids. If you follow CUTEANDKIDS, then you probably know the name Toca Boca. They are now moving into video, launching TOCA TV video app, designed for kids ages 5 to 9.

TOCA TV video APP combines kids’ creativity with thousands of carefully curated videos your kids will love.

Kids in this age group like to follow their curiosity on platforms like YouTube, but unmonitored, can wind up in inappropriate places pretty easily.

“TOCA TV video app is between preschool and ‘I want to be on Instagram’.”


TOCA TV video app is a monthly subscription service offering kid-friendly videos, original cartoons and shows, as well as tools that let kids make their own videos with the recording tool and silly animated filters, including Snapchat-style stickers. All saved safely on your device!

How can we make video playful? This was the central question we posed to ourselves when we set out to create a new video experience for kids 5 to 9.” J Milligan Head of TOCA TV

TOCA TV video app versus YOUTUBE KIDS: 

  • TOCA TV video app is for kids aged 5 to 9.
  • TOCA TV videos have no third-party advertising or sponsored content.
  • The company hand-curate and prescreen all the videos on the service .
  • TOCA TV video app is interactive.

Actually children prefer watching videos about their favorite video games  rather than actually play those games. Kids are spending an increasing amount of time watching “Let’s Play” videos, narrated videos of other people’s gameplay that are peppered with humor and personal observation. I ask why kids would want to watch somebody else play a video game rather than play it themselves.

Playing with video can be engaging, interactive and fun. Don’ t just watch, play the video!

The new TOCA TV video app is available for download on iOS only for the time being.

I downloaded this for my daughters, and they love it!