Do you remember Harry Potter’s newspapers? People talking and moving in the pages like it was the most normal thing in the world. Magic, isn’t it?

Not so much. At least not any more. There are out there many awesome AUGMENTED REALITY APPS FOR KIDS that will put the magic at a touch of their fingers.

lego-augmented reality_ seen in CuteandKids blog

We experimented it for the first time with the Lego catalog. You just need a printed copy of the catalog, available in your favorite toy shop and the Lego 3D catalog for Android or iTunes.

I promise you that magic will happen and your children will spend hours browsing the catalog and watching the constructions pop-up.

But this is not the only augmented reality apps for kids.

In fact, I have found so many that I have decided to split this post in several, so you can find which suits you better for your child age or purpose: just playing or learning by doing.

Today we will explore apps for smaller children and next week, we will continue with apps suitable for teens or for the children that we, parents, have still inside, our own little Peter Pan.


LUNCH RUSH _ seen in CuteandKids blog

FETCH! LUNCH RUSH or CYBERCHASE 3D BUILDER are excellent apps for learning maths.

In the first one you need to feed a hungry movie crew. Additions in a row, to keep the team happy.

The magic happens just on the paper printables you need to download from their site. Spread them across the room, on the floor, glued to the ceiling or behind a sofa and it will not be  only about maths, but also about running and searching for the characters of the crew.

The second one is about geometry, they have to help Buzz and Delete to rebuild a city by turning 2D shapes into 3D. Learning by doing and in a fun way, amazing, eh?

You can find the link to the apps for iTunes and Google Play, following the links of the games.

quiver app_seen in CuteandKids blog

With QUIVER they can color pictures and once they are done, seen them coming to life. The magic only happens in the printables from their page, but there are so many options that it doesn’t matter so much.

Apps are available for iTunes and Android as well.

Other coloring app is CRAYOLA COLOR ALIVE.  They have plenty of coloring books to choose from: Avengers, Frozen, Monster High, Barbie and many more. After coloring, children will need the app to see their favorite characters coming out from the paper. Apps available for Android, iTunes and even for Windows phones.


AR flashcards_seen in CuteandKids blog

AR FLASH CARDS ANIMAL ALPHABET works exactly the same as the previous apps. 2D pages need to be printed from their webpage, so they can be converted to 3 d with the help of the app.

A funny way to learn the alphabet.

Now they also have animated reality cards for additions, the space and the shapes. I cannot wait to try them!

Toywheel toy car RC_ seen in cuteandkids blog

And the last one for today, what about transforming his room into a virtual toy car race? You need to print some ‘targets’ to open the door to the magical world.

A great idea is hiding those targets in different rooms, so the children can use their imagination to build their own stories with Wheely, the curious car that loves to discover new worlds.

Just go to TOYWHEEL TOY CAR RC so the fun can begin!


10 amazing AUGMENTED REALITY APPS FOR KIDS. The future is already here!

1st Image from Disney Research.