Last week I introduced you to the magic world of augmented reality apps. Our recommendations were more dedicated to small children, so today we would like to show you applications focused more on teenagers. They can even be used by teachers to make the class much more interactive or you can use it with your children. I promise everybody will have a blast.  Learning is fun!

sky map app_ augmented related apps for teens_seen in CuteandKids blog

Sky Map is the type of app that will make learning astronomy a super fun activity. You just need to hold your phone facing the sky and the app will identify all the stars, constellations, planet, nebulae and everything you want to know about the sky above us. Available in itunes and for Android phones.

Sky Map was initially developed by Google but they abandoned it, so have not been updated later. As an option you can use StarWalk2 . Android and iTunes options also available. They even have an option for small kids with a more colorful interface and easier to use. Android and iTunes.

SpaceCraft 3d_ augmented reality apps_ seen in CUTEANDKIDS blog

SpaceCraft 3D is an augmented reality applications developed by NASA. How cool is that!

You can learn and interact with spacecrafts that are used to explore the galaxy. Using a printed AR Target and the camera on your phone, you can get up close with these robotic explorers, see how they move, and learn about the engineering feats used to expand our knowledge and understanding of space.

Available for iTunes and Googleplay.

4d anatomy app_ aumented reality apps_ seen in CuteandKids blog

For a view inside the human body, its organs, muscles and bones, 4D Anatomy is an incredible application. It can be downloaded for free in the itunes store or Google Play.
To get started, email, print, or save any set of target images from the “Target Library” inside the app from the main menu. Then point your device at the target from the “Viewer” and watch the 4D Experience come to life.

Schools and universities can use 4D Anatomy cloud based, available from any computer or ipad in the class.

iCell-plant_augmented reality apps_ seen in CuteandKids blog

Hudson Aplha iCell will help teachers and students to learn more about cells. The app includes 3 types of cells to explore: plants, animals and bacterias. The children can use their finger to tap on parts of the cell and select and zoom in on a particular organelle. Each organelle comes with a name and a short description of its function in the cell.

The application is available for iTunes, Android and even can be used online.

zooburst_ augmented reality apps_ seen in CuteandKids blog

Zooburst is a digital story telling tool that lets you create basic 3d pop-up books.

The child will use images from the app library , adding afterwards Adobe flash animations, narrations and speech balloons to develop the story. Once it is ready, they can be part of the story via webcam. Through barcodes, you can even link the story to physical objects.

A nice way to let their creativity fly!

Zooburst is only available in the iTunes store.

Chromville Science_ augmented reality apps_ seen in CuteandKids blog

The last recommendation for today is Chromville Science. Their creators define it as an ‘Augmented Reality app based on Science coloring pages related with living beings, laboratory, the Earth and human body.

It is a super nice application that offers plenty of possibilities. Children can use it as a 3D coloring book, but can also create stories or play games through augmented reality.

In their Science app, children can learn about the different parts of the body, the planets, life science, mechanics and much more. It is really amazing, as you can see in the following video:

We really love when science meets with creativity and education. Their app is available for iTunes and GooglePlay

Give them a try and let us know which is your favorite. We love them all!

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1st Image from Starwalks2 app.