Oliver Jeffers x COLETTE based on the book Once Upon An Alphabet

Are you considering a family visit yo Paris? Maybe you are so lucky that you even live there. In any case, we are giving you another good reason for visiting COLETTE.

Oliver Jeffers is launching today his very first line of apparel, collectibles and wares: Oliver Jeffers x COLETTE.


We are huge fans of this Brooklyn artist-illustrator of best-selling children’s books, so we love sharing with you every new project of this talented artist.

My littles’ love all his books, and one of their favorite is One Upon an Alphabet. The book was released in 2014 and on it, each letter of the alphabet serves as inspiration for a brief, funny story.


For the past six months, Oliver has been collaborating with a small network of friends to craft objects that extend the story book world of Once Upon An Alphabet in to the homes and arms of people across the world.

Oliver_Jeffers_x_COLETTE_from_once_upon_an_alphabet_paris_seen_cuteandkids_blogThey have worked to make covetable products – not disposable- with a commitment towards ethical manufacturing.

If you are so lucky to be in Paris this month, you can enjoy them from today till January the 7th at COLETTE Paris, and of course on line.

For all the fans of Oliver Jeffers, and in particular of this book, this new collection of t-shirts, prints, toys, pins and more is a treasure trove to dip in and out of.

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If this is the first time you heard about Oliver Jeffers, let us introduce him, with this video.