Penguin the magpie, a beautiful love story

Penguin the magpie is a beautiful love story between a magpie, (a t typical australian bird known for its beautiful songs) and a family. A story I have been touched especially by.

Cameron Bloom is a photographer, husband and father of three boys based on Sydney’s Northern beaches. When his youngest son, Noah, found a baby magpie who had fallen from the nest one afternoon outside his Grandma’s house, no one could have predicted the impact it would have on the Bloom family.


It just happens that Penguin found her adoptive family at a particularly difficult time, following a freak accident in Thailand which left Cameron’s wife Sam with a serious spinal injury.

She’ s a magpie but Noah, Oli and Rueben named her Penguin, because of her black and white plumage.

Sam, struggled to come to terms with her disability at a level that the family could neither relate to nor understand. She didn’t want their sympathy. She just wanted her old life back. The soul-crushing feeling that your life has been stolen from you is something that you cannot fathom unless you have been through it yourself. They didn’t know where to begin.


This is where Penguin came into her own. She was their ambassador of love and chief motivational officer. Penguin and Sam became inseparable.


Penguin has redefined what family means, and helped us appreciate how powerful love and compassion can be. In the beginning we thought we were rescuing Penguin, but now we feel this remarkable bird has made us feel stronger, brought us closer and also helped to heal our family during a very difficult time, so in a way Penguin rescued us. Penguin’s recovery and her spirit became a symbol of hope and a vortex of love for them all.


Always free to fly away, Penguin left the Bloom family late last year. Cameron suspects she has probably started a family of her own.

Meanwhile, Sam continues to paddle her kayak competitively, and represented Australia at the world titles last year! She has now begun to mentor other paralysed men and women.

There is a lot more to Penguin’s story, so Cameron have created a book about Penguin: Penguin Bloom, the odd little bird who saved a family. If you wish to pre-order a copy of Penguin Bloom, press here.  ABC Books, are donating 10% of all royalties from Penguin Bloom to Spinal Cure Australia


Cameron Bloom documented the moments his family shared with Penguin, and has been posting them on Instagram.

You can follow them at  @penguienthemagpie, all the images are breathtaking . This is a beautiful account that explores the balance between Penguin wild nature and domesticated sensibilities.

We won’t forget this bird and this family.

Told the whole story to your kids, show them the beautiful photos  and then encourage them to follow everyday moments at penguin IG account. This is a story about hope.

Everybody needs an angel.

Angels comes in all shapes and sizes.

Look for yours. 

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