THE NEW STORY magazine a new publication focused on childhood


Published by Six Gallery Press, a new and wonderful publication is coming: THE NEW STORY magazine .

THE NEW STORY magazine is a new quarterly magazine focused on childhood and motherhood, celebrating womanhood in all its forms.

The dream team that will make this adventure possible is led by Beck Marshall, Deborah Sfez and Melanie Rodriguez. Talented people whose work we have been admiring for many years.


Could this be THE NEW STORY Issue #01 cover page? 

Working together for nearly a decade, editor & creative director Beck Marshall, stylist Deborah Sfez and photographer Melanie Rodriguez have illustrated an innovative new narrative. They are an unique international group of friends, bound together by the same vision. Renowned for offering hints of wonder in their work, they have been joined by an assortment of ingenious stylists, photographers and writers moving together through the same poetry.

The combination of talent and feeling result in THE NEW STORY magazine, a publication full of rich imagery & cultural beauty that speaks honestly to a global audience.

We focus on the essence of what it means to be a mother, a woman, a creator, a child.

We celebrate a new consciousness.

We gather a clever constellation of the industries most creative talent to bring you unique & inspirational photography.

We aim to establish a dialogue that engages meaningful conversation and begins a community.

They love, support and cheer a selection of talented brands like BOBO CHOSES, TAO, BELLEROSE, FISH&KIDS, LOUIS MISHA, and many more that we also love,  that inspire the creativity on their pages.


Every year THE NEW STORY magazine will solidly support a organization they feel align with their values.






For this first year, they will team with Circle of Health International – COHI , an international humanitarian organization founded in 2004, with the mission to work with women and their communities in times of crisis and disaster. They try to ensure access to quality reproductive, maternal, and newborn care. 5% of all yearly sales will be donated to COHI.

Beck Marshall – founder and creative force behind papier mache magazine begins – the new story.
THE NEW STORY magazine first Issue #01 will be launched in August 2017 and we promise you to talk about it here, at cuteandkids blog.
Stay tuned!

We predict THE NEW STORY magazine will become one of our favorite mag. We are looking forward to August 2017.

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