The New York Times for Kids. A new monthly magazine


The New York Times has announced that it will launch a monthly Kids section with dedicated content for young readers: The New York Times for Kids .

Their first Kids section debuted in May 2017 and was so well received by young readers – there was even an online petition – that The Times decided to make it a monthly feature of the newspaper.


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As parents, we think this is great news!

At home, I am trying to get my children used to read newspapers and watch TV news programs. It is important for our kids to be informed of what surround them, not only through the opinions of their own family and other adults with whom they relate.

I do not want my kids to take my own believes directly. I would like them to have critical thinking and build their own, because the circumstances in which they are growing up are very different from mine.

It is important to give them access to information, to what it is going on around us.  And a newspaper for kids -a place where to share in an appropiate language for them- every month’s news, can be a good starting point, a way to familiarise them with newspapers.

This is the reason why I applaud this initiative beyond the ideology of this newspaper, that sometimes I can share and others not at all.


The opinions of fourth graders from P.S. 92 in Corona, Queens, appeared in The Times on May 14. Credit Andrew T. Warman

Caitlin Roper, special projects editor at The New York Times Magazine, and Aaron Retica, a senior staff editor in Opinion, were the special guests leading the lesson at P.S. 92 in Corona, Queens. Instead of a maths lesson or reading exercise, that day’s topic was how to write an opinion piece  for The New York Times.

They began the morning by describing how to form an argument and look for counterarguments, and which is the best way to present a point of view. By the end of the session, the kids had crafted opinion pieces on everything. On Sunday, in a special section called The New York Times For Kids, all 25 opinions were expressed, and edited for print and they were among the youngest Op-Ed contributors in the newspaper’s history.

The New York Times for Kids new magazine not only includes stories by professional writers, also feature children’s voices at the Opinion page. The editors are being mindful not to talk down to young readers, every section has been driven from the editors experience as parents.

As The Times pushes forward larger digital initiatives, it is also imagining what the newspaper of the future looks like, and The New York Times For Kids is part of a series of print-only features meant to “surprise and delight” readers.

Overseen by The New York Times Magazine’s special projects editor Caitlin Roper, the kids magazine will be inspired by the breadth of Times content and mimic regular sections in the paper, including sports, national news, food, opinion and arts.  Who says children don’t need news that’s made just for them? The section will have a dedicated editor and feature a visually engaging mix of news, illustrations, photography and how-to’s meant to engage young readers.

“It becomes a teaching tool and not in a way that makes you want to fall asleep if you’re 10.”

-Caitlin Roper special projects editor at The New York Times Magazine


The May 14 Kids section included a child-friendly version of the newspaper’s “Truth is Hard” brand campaign.


“We’re extremely excited to launch a section of The New York Times for kids,” said Jake Silverstein, editor in chief of The New York Times Magazine. “Our goal here is not only to help kids learn about the complex world they live in, but also to give them a taste, through a section designed just for them, of the pleasures of print media. We’ll treat the readers of this section the same way we treat all our readers: with respect.”


The New York Times For Kids cover, special print-only section in the Sunday, November 19, paper

On November 19, readers of the second issue found a cover story about CRISPR, the gene editing technique that is arguably the biggest scientific discovery in a century; a profile of a young DACA recipient; a story about the role of schools in natural disasters; an introduction to three young athletes who compete in dangerous sports; a delicious recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers; a new advice column featuring advice from an adult and a kid; a story from LeBron James about how he became a basketball player; mini puzzles just for kids; and more.

Coinciding with the second edition of the Kids section, on November 19, “The Daily” podcast launched a special episode for children to listen to with their parents.

The New York Times for Kids will be published monthly starting in January 2018.

Now we are asking the New York Times to make The New York Times for Kids accessible on line for all who live out of U.S.A. and waiting for other newspapers to copy this fantastic idea and boost its readership among children.

Featured image The New York Times For Kids, special print-only section in the Sunday, May 14, paper. Credit The New York Times